OHE February 2, 1998

Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 08:53:50 -1000
From: "Dayle K. Turner" (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Re: Bunker Trek

On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, Eric Stelene wrote:

> Eagerly awaiting write ups from the bunker trek!

Don't have time to write a very detailed report. I'll touch on what I recall.

Sixteen of us met at 7:30 at Mapunapuna Jack in the Box and after introductions and a briefing by Kurt we carpooled to a pulloff area by a bus stop at the start of Aliamanu Drive. We walked up in small groups through the Aliamanu Crater military housing area, taking a left on Olive Place. Near the end of Olive Place is a chained off access road.

We continued along the access road quietly and without use of flashlights to conceal our presence. After about 50 yards, we left the access road and continued along a slope, contouring through dry scrub vegetation on a trail. Again, no lights were used on this almost moonless night.

Eventually, we worked our way along the slope to a concrete building where we had to squeeze through a small hole (23" x 23") to access a long ladder. One by one we went through and descended into darkness. The ladder, probably 70 to 80 feet long, led us to a "platform" of pipes that we had to carefully make our way across to reach another ladder that we descended about 10 feet to the bunker floor.

We then spent the next 2 to 3 hours exploring the various tunnels, halls, and rooms in the underground complex. The place is huge, now mostly devoid of the myriad of equipment and gear that once was used there.

One long tunnel, probably at least a quarter-mile long, had dozens of fold-out metal bunk beds affixed to its walls. One room was sound-proofed and probably used by the commanding honcho of the complex. One room had old maps still plastered on the walls. We saw a few roaches, the skeleton of a huge rat, but no other creepy-crawlies.

We all emerged from the bunker at 11 p.m. and returned to our cars without being busted by MPs.

Hopefully, other members of the tunnel rat gang will describe what they remember in additional detail.

And for others who go down there in the future, make sure to carry extra batteries, bulbs for your flashlight. It'd be true horror down there with no light.


Reply from: Grant Tokumi (gtokumi@aloha.net>

Posted some pictures from the Aliamanu Bunkers exploration. I blurred out people's faces just in case.


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