OHE February 1, 1998 (c)

Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 22:06:05 -1000
From: ATCnavy@aol.com
Subject: Kealia

Slept late today, so i decided to do a quick solo at Kealia. The weather was nice, although the weather-guessers on the news last night were predicting rain. So I arrived at Dillingham Airfield around 4pm. I only had time to climb the cliff, so what the hey? I parked at the control tower, and gained the trail at 4:10. The trail was dry, and in great condition. I climbed the switchbacks about halfway up to a nice rock, and decided to just take a seat on a huge boulder and watch the surf, watch the gliders, and pretty much just enjoy this beautiful Hawaii afternoon. Now I need to go there earlier sometime and actually do the ridge portion of the hike. Last time I made it to the top of the cliff, yet couldn't find the trail due to bulldozers having done some kind of work up there. Maybe next weekend....


Reply From: "Arthur W. Neilson III" (aneilson@usa.net>

There isn't really a trail where Kealia tops out, there is a dirt road however. It runs west up towards Makua rim. Follow the road, eventually it will split into a 3 way fork. The left road goes over to Peacock Flats (after miles of walking) the middle continues on up to the Makua Rim and the right leads over to the KPSTS (Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station) after miles of walking. Take the middle road and arrive at the Makua rim with a magnificent view of the valley the military burns and bombs continually.

It used to be a most beautiful valley and still is however it's not what it could (should) be. The military burns it back every year so they can conduct their war games there. They also conduct live fire excersizes, if you hike along the Makua Rim trail you will see many many signs posted warning you of unexploded ordnance.

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