OHE February 1, 1998 (b)

Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 18:53:15 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Feb. 1, 1998

Pondered whether to go clear Olympus-Castle when HTMC is doing Olympus itself. Decided against it. Well, decision was out of my hands, when I slept late last night.

Hunted in my head trails to do solo, and occurred to me I haven't done Kamiloiki for more than a year, and Dayle+Paka just went through it not too long ago.

Trail is quite overgrown, considering it is located in such a dry area, and I usually clear it once a year by myself. Near the top, blow-down trees and tall grass made it almost impenetrable, if not for those two bulldozers who went through few weeks ago.

The wind howls like Antartica at the top. I ate lunch in the forest leeward of the edge, rather than risk my noodles being blown off my chopsticks.

There are several variations that can be explored. There is another ridge ewa of the top that goes down and can be followed; but it terminates in a cliff and one needs to bail out into a valley which has an overgrown jeep road in it. We did the valley back in '84. Farther makai is another similar valley with another overgrown jeep road. I made it out in '94.

Decided to explore the latter valley. After a few minutes going off the main trail, there is a pleasant forest where there are signs that people picnicked and/or camped out. In '84 I met several picnickers there.

But there is too much blow-down trees today, and lots of the even worse tall grass. After struggling for 20 minutes I decided to do it another day and backtracked to the main trail and came out. A factor is that it was close to 4:00 already.

Kamiloiki is a nice, never-muddy, easy trail that goes to the Koolau summit with outstanding views. Access is apparently even legal (heiau restored by Outdoor Circle). I am surprised that it seems to be hardly used by anyone.


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