OHE February 12, 1998

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 08:44:14 -1000
From: Patrick Rorie (prorie@hekili.k12.hi.us>
Subject: Kaiwa Ridge Full Moon Rise 

Absolutely gorgeouse full moon rise last night from the top of Kaiwa Ridge behind Lanikai. With the exception of a band of clouds toward Molokai the sky was completely clear. Light and variable winds made for perfect viewing conditions. I counted 17 other "moon worshippers" gathered mostly on the bunkers. The moon light reflected very beautifully off of the ocean just to the right of the smaller Mokulua Island. The stars and planets above were too numerous to count.

When the full moon first appeared above the horizon it was a reddish orange color. It was as if the earth had given birth and the moon was covered with blood as it emerged from the birth canal ! Clouds blocked the moon a few minutes later but it wasn't long until the moon became visible again. This time with its normal white/yellow glow.

I recognized many of the prominent peaks along the Ko'olau Mountain Range from Makapuu to the ridge leading up to the Waimalu Middle Ridge. I stared at Pu'u Keahi a kahoe and wondered if anyone was at the top of the Haiku Stairs enjoying the evening. As the moon slowly ascended higher and higher in the sky the light emanating from it lit up Kaiwa Ridge and, in the distance, the Ko'olau summit ridge with its sheer fluted cliffs.

After the others departed I backtracked along the trail to the stacked bunkers and continued star gazing, moon gazing, etc. I noticed an interesting invisible triangle formed by Rabbit Island, Makapuu Point and Pu'u O'Lanikai.

As 9 p.m. came and went I reluctantly began heading down to the trailhead near the Mid Pacific country club.

Notes: If you've never witnessed the full moon rise from Kaiwa Ridge you really should check it out. HTMC does a full moon hike of the ridge but it is usually very popular. As many as 200 people came out for it on one occasion.

== Patrick

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