OHE February 7, 2000 (Halawa Ridge)

Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 11:35:03 -1000
From: Fred R Boll (frbinc@juno.com)
Subject: Halawa Ridge

This past Sunday, February 6, Betty Nakamura invited me to hike with a group from the University on Halawa Ridge. I agreed and we met at the Board of Water garden at 8:30. In my group, in addition to myself were my wife and Yukie Anthony and a male friend of hers. The University group were rather slow, so after marking the way up to the ridge, my little group went on ahead.

The beginning portion of the trail was in top shape and we made an optimistic ETA at the summit of 12:30. After the first mile we began to get into some blow downs. The ones that had fallen with their trunk on the trail were not too bad but we got into several that had all the limbs over the trail. None of us had cutting tools. Some of the limbs were brittle enough to break off and throw to the side but some, more recent blow downs, were supple and we just forced our way through. Ferns were so thick on the ridge side that they were forcing us off the trail and Thimble berry and other thorny plants raked our legs with every step in some places.

We reached the place the trail crosses over from the right to the left of the ridge at 12:45 and sat down for lunch. Our stomachs filled and our momentum depleted we reversed direction and headed for home. On the way out we met Marie and Fritz(?) who are HTM members visiting from Canada and we all exited together.


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