OHE February 7, 2000 (Waimano)

Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 07:54:31 -1000
From: Dayle K. Turner (turner@hawaii.edu)
Subject: Waimano Ridge TM

Yesterday's HTMC trail maintenance outing took us above Pearl City to clear the Waimano Ridge trail, a 15-mile round tripper. I didn't get the official headcount, but there was a big group on hand, at least 20, maybe closer to 30.

Mabel briefed us at 8, advising some of the group to make a go for the summit while assessing the state of the trail on the way up. Those in that group were to make note of the worst sections and concentrate on clearing those areas while heading back down from the top. Mabel also gave anyone in that group the green light to eat lunch before noon (a major variance in a long established protocol) and to begin working after lunch.

A goodly number hiked to the summit in assessment mode and worked on the trail while heading back down. In that group were Rich Jacobson, Nathan Yuen, Jay Feldman, Steve Becker, Steve Montgomery, Mel Yoshioka, Charlotte Yamane, Wil Kawano, Jason Sunada, Thomas Yoza, Carole K. Moon, Lynn Agena, Bill Gorst, Jim Pushaw, and Mike Algiers (who'll coordinate the club outing on 2/20, Sun).

Meanwhile, a handful of folks had their sights set on a section of the trail choked by Australian tea around the 5-mile marker. Among those in that group were Ralph Valentino, Larry Oswald, Kris Corliss, Grant Oka, Georgina Oka, Pat Rorie, and Kim and Judy Roy, and Gordon and Connie Muschek.

Around noontime, we were able to make radio contact with Ken Suzuki, who was leading the club hike (Keahi a Kahoe). It was good to hear from him and again proved the effectiveness of our walkie-talkies over some long distances if relatively clear line-of-sight is available. Views at the summit of Waimano were available but somewhat splotchy due to passing clouds plus a lingering haze over Oahu yesterday. Rich and I were wearing altimeter watches and his indicated 2,160 at the summit, the exact figure given by Stuart in his book. My altimeter read 2240.

For the summit group, while the trail wasn't terribly overgrown, plenty of work was needed to clear back uluhe from the summit to mile marker 5. Laboring steadily, we got the job done so that the route is in the best shape I've seen it. Hats off to Larry for bringing along a gas-powered hedge trimmer and extra gas to facilitate some of the clearing of the worst sections. Also credit goes to Pat, Grant, and others who took turns with the trimmer. The folks who labored long and hard in the Australian tea section did a fantastic job clearing back massive amounts of that pesky plant.

Mabel, June Miyasato, Deetsie Chave, among others, did solid work clearing the first several miles of the trail, especially some of the brushier sections after the second stream crossing and up the switchbacks.

The last of us were out by 5:30, tired but feeling good about the work we completed. Nice job by all who showed up.

For those who haven't hiked Waimano before or have but not in a while, check it out, either on your own or with Mike and the HTMC on 2/20 (meet at 8 a.m. at Iolani Palace or email him [MALGIERS@worldnet.att.net] for details).

As Stuart says in his book, "the miles fly by."



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