OHE February 6, 2000 (Kawaewae Ridge)

Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000 20:38:52 -1000
From: Dayle K. Turner (turner@hawaii.edu)
Subject: Kawaewae Ridge

The HTMC hike yesterday (2/5, Sat) was in Kaneohe, specifically along the ridge that separates Kaneohe from Kawainui. I've called this ridge Kokokahi and the club calls it Kawaewae. Joe Bussen coordinated the outing and the throng, about 30 or so folks, met on Namoku Street (the end point of the hike was on Lipalu Street) and then carpooled over to Kokokahi Place to start the hike.

I wanted to get more of a workout than the three miles listed for the outing, so I started at 8:30 on Lipalu, climbed a spur ridge to the high point on the ridge, and hiked over to Kokokahi Place, arriving there just in time for the hike to begin on that end.

While Joe briefed the group, I wandered over to Bill Gorst's house which is near the Friendship Garden trailhead. Nice place. I was hoping maybe Bill would invite me in for breakfast. 8-)

Anyway, the hike commenced after Joe gave the HTMC spiel, and I set off at the tail end of the group, chatting with Wing Ng and his lady friend and UH law school classmate, Jean, as we hiked along. The trail climbs via some switchbacks to gain the crest of the ridge, then stays on the ridgetop all the way to the high point I had climbed to earlier, and beyond.

Clear, blue skies above made for pleasant albeit warm hiking conditions. Things became so warm, in fact, that I suffered somewhat while climbing some of the puus enroute to the high point. Earlier, Joe had explained to the group that we were to continue along the ridge past the high point to the next prominent pu'u over. From there, we were to backtrack to the high point and descend the spur trail down to where it passed Kawaewae heiau and then came out on Lipalu Street.

I was hiking with two poles, which served me well while going up and down the puus on the ridge. Ropes were in place in several spots along the way, most being the good-to-have-it-there-but-not-critical category.

Along with Wing and Jean, folks I recall seeing on the hike were Fred Boll, Justin Ohara, Dusty and Sandy Klein, Clement Aleka-Gorai, Stuart Ball, Lynne Masuyama, Fred Casciano, Janice Nako-Piburn, and Clayton Kong.

The group I was with arrived at the endpoint on Lipalu before noon, and from there I headed over to L&R Drive-In (Luluku & Kam Hwy) for mixed-bbq plate (teri chicken, short ribs, teri steak with tossed salad, no rice). Throw in a couple liters of ice water and I was feeling good.

Today marks the end of week three on Atkins diet: 18 lbs lost.


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