OHE February 22, 2000 (Waimano cabin)

Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 14:24:27 -1000
From: Henry Davis (recycle@taro.poi.net)
Subject: Crazies at play!

I Hate Writing! But since there is at least mild interest. I decided to share.

Brandon managed to scare me to my senses. (makes me real nervous when someone mentions how hard it will be to find your way out of the jungle).

So I shifted into a more ambitious plan. I'd go up Waimano Sunday to shoot the sunrise. On the way down I would find the Cabin and climb the ridge marking it all the way and shoot compass bearings so on later outings I would be sure I could find my way!!! And of course I could end the day with everyone from the club that hiked Waimano.

The Details.

I got up at 0300 headed of to Denny's for some energy. Unfortunately I was short of cash and spent 20 min. Searching for an ATM, I was lost already and hadn't started hiking. When I got to Den's it has surprisingly crowded for 4 AM. I ate , reached the trail head and was hiking by head lamp at 0545 .

I made great time. Reached the dam by 0730, but obviously I wasn't going to get my sunrise pictures. I passed the 5 mile marker at 0830 and 0845. Boy I wish someone would either mark those right or take the extras down. I hit the summit and started shooting a 0930. I wrapped up and started down at 1030 I ran into the lead club hikers just Mauka of the cabin, I wont list names, because I would definitely leave some one out. But I did note that the lead hikers where followed very closely by the middle pack, Maybe the long hike slowed the pace a little.

At 1100 I found the cabin and started following a trail of orange and pink ribbons up the hill Within 300 yards the ribbons stopped so I started hanging my own Green and white ribbon. At noon I was just short of the ridge top. I stopped had a snack and shot my compass bearings and marked them on the map. Brandon is right the 1800 mark on the topo is right above the cabin And now there is a stream of green and white ribbons running down that hill.

I hiked Back to the trail head at 1510 and enjoyed friendly conversation and refreshments, thanks Justin, With all the other returning hikers.

Overall a good day with some low points, I lost my knife! I didn't reach the top of the ridge, It would have been nice to have seen the other side. But now I know I can find my way out so next time, I'll start from Aiea.


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