OHE February 12, 2000 (Makiki-Tantalus)

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 14:22:55 -1000
From: Dayle K. Turner (turner@hawaii.edu)
Subject: Makiki once again

Okay, so I've written about this hike plenty of times. However, since every time is a bit different somehow, I figure why not write about how it went. One thing I've come to realize is that I'm becoming less energetic and motivated when it comes to picking a hike route when I go by myself (and, yes, I know hiking alone isn't a smart thing to do). It seems my trails of choice nowadays when going solo are Aiea Loop, Koko Crater, and the one I did today, Makiki-Tantalus.

I like the latter because it's a true loop with enough intersecting routes that I can stretch it out or cut it short if I'm pressed for time or lacking energy. Plus, I get peace of mind re: my vehicle since I park right by the Nature Center and the Na Ala Hele baseyard.

My circuit of choice is doing the loop clockwise, meaning heading up Kanealole, taking a left up the Makiki Valley Trail, hanging a right on the Nahuina trail to switchback up to Tantalus Drive, continuing on Kalawahine and then Manoa Cliffs, then Moleka, and returning to the Nature Center by way of Makiki Valley and then Maunalaha.

The entire route was virtually mud-free and the majority has been recently cleared by Na Ala Hele. The only obstruction at present is a large fallen tree on Moleka about 100 meters before it intersects Makiki Valley Trail.

Using my altimeter watch, I determined the highest point of the loop is 1,600 ft. above the start point at the Nature Center. The elevation gain from the Nature Center to Tantalus Drive near the ewa terminus of Manoa Cliffs/Kalawahine is 1,000 feet.

I also use this loop to ascertain my level of conditioning. I must be doing okay fitness-wise since I was a few minutes under my usual time for the loop.

With such a beautiful day at hand--cloudless, blue skies--I expected to encounter many people on the trail. All told, I met up with about ten, most in the vicinity of the Nature Center. I saw only one other person while going around Tantalus via Manoa Cliffs.

Hope others on OHE-L had a chance to get out to do some hiking.


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