OHE December 24, 1999 (Hauula-Papali)

Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 17:54:42 -1000
From: Dayle K. Turner (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Christmas Eve at Hauula-Papali

From my home in Kaneohe, I drove out along the windward coast to hike the Hauula-Papali double loop this morning. Just past Waikane Valley Road, I saw Thomas Yoza pedaling his bike at a rapid tempo the same way I was headed. I pulled over to talk with him and he said he also was bound for Hauula, having set out from where he lives in Temple Valley. Wishing Thomas well and then continuing on my way, who should I see walking along the makai shoulder of the highway a half mile ahead but Pat Rorie. I pulled over to talk to him and found out he was bound for a hike up a challenging ridge nearby. Wishing him well and then continuing on yet again, I kept an eye out for other folks I might know, but, alas, there was no one else.

Feeling good as a result of seeing my two friends as well as from the relaxing drive past Kaaawa, Kahana, and Punaluu, I arrived at the trailhead at the end of Hauula Homestead Road around 10:30. After tooling around a bit to put on my Sharks, to spiff up my hiking poles, and the like, I hit the trail ten minutes later. A stop at the hunter/hiker check-in box indicated that three different groups of hikers had checked in during the hour span before I arrived.

With Sacred Falls closed, I expected Hauula-Papali to take up most of the hiker slack, but the amount of folks today plus the numbers indicated by the sign-in sheet in the box told me that that's not necessarily the case. Maybe folks aren't hiking in the same quantities as in the past.

Weatherwise, compared to the rainy, overcast conditions of the preceding couple of days, today was warm and dry. Underfoot, the trails were mucky in places, an after-product of the wetness we've experienced on Oahu earlier this week. Overall, the trails were great to trek on, soft and cushiony yet not slick. Good deal.

As I've been doing for recent outings, I have a map available to show the route and how I did it at


As it shows, I did the Hauula Loop first, going around clockwise. I saw tracks of hikers and dogs but encountered no one during the hour or so it took me to circumnavigate the trail. There are some very tranquil and pretty sections through ironwoods and pines on this circuit. I also had to rockhop across two streamlets, both flowing at a trickle.

While going around the Papali loop, also clockwise, I met two of the three groups who'd signed in. One was a group of three and four dogs and the other was a young tourist couple.

Not pausing to rest or eat, I went around Papali in about the same time it took me for the other side.

In all, I had been hiking about two hours and ended up feeling like I had had a good workout without delving into the pain-and-suffering zone. After all, it's Christmas Eve and I felt I should pamper myself a bit. And that I did.

Speaking of pampering, I hope everyone on OHE does a bit of that tomorrow.

Aloha, take care, and happy holidays.


Reply From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>

Yeah, Dayle, had you swung around to D.H. Crater, you would have seen ME too! Celebrated X'mas in my traditional way by doing Diamond Head, have been doing that for the last 5 years, just like I do Kamiloiki on Thanksgiving Day. Have to do it today instead of tomorrow, because tomorrow morning I board flight to Hong Kong. Hate the long flight, especially there is SIX hours stop in Tokyo :-( :-(

At least I'll be hiking nice, cool, dry trails in HK. There is a cold spell recently dropping temp. to 44. One of favorite trails is near the boundary with mainland China and there is newspaper report of robbery there, by illegal migrants from mainland. They had to hike up 2500 feet to rob somebody :-( :-(

Will be celebrating Y2K in Hong Kong. Rumors of impending terrorism in the U.S., well, will avoid THAT.

On that bright note, happy holidays to you all!


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