OHE December 12, 1999 (Olomana TM)

Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 16:54:46 -1000
From: Dayle K. Turner (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Olomana TM

The keywords for today were "concentration" and "balance," and both were important for the small group of volunteers on hand at Olomana for a Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club trail maintenance outing.

Rainy weather for the past handful of days has turned Oahu into a sponge, with normally dry trails turned into slick, dicey ones. Such was so for Olomana, which is a challenge to hike when dry, and even more of a test when wet and slippery. And given these conditions, those who showed up today had either nothing better to do, were looking for a challenge, are devoted to Mabel and the club, or a combination of the three.

Whatever the case, not much hacking and cutting work was needed for the route up and over the three peaks, and most of the attention was focused on inspecting the trail for any blockages (none), new hazards (also none), and climbing aids (almost nil).

Doug "Dusty" Klein will coordinate the club outing on 12/26, and one of his objectives for today was to determine where climbing aids were and were not present, so he can alert participants come hike day.

It didn't rain at all during our outing, but the day was still a gloomy one, with a crown of misty clouds hovering over the three peaks all the time we were up there. The humidity level was quite high, and my shirt and shorts were soaked with perspiration by the time I was halfway up peak 1. Thankfully, the winds picked up some, providing a helpful cooling factor.

Concentration and balance were vital as we made our way up and back down the mountain, especially at places with slick, mud-coated rock (many). We also had to be alert for rocks that might dislodge, a more likely occurrence given the wet conditions. A big rock went booming down the mountainside from peak 2, reminding us to be careful and watchful.

As for climbing aids we observed, here is a status report: a long blue strap and many hammered-in rebars at the first long rockface on peak 1; a suspect strap on the vertical rockface on peak 1; rebar foothold on the vertical rockface has been hacksawed; no ropes/cables on the backside of peak 2; zero ropes/cables on peak 3.

Today's roll call (10): Mabel Kekina, Dusty Klein, Grant Oka, his daughter Georgina, Jason Sunada, Pat Rorie, Bill Gorst, Jay Feldman, Deetsie Chave, her friend (name unknown to me), and I.

Imua HTMC!


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