OHE December 6, 1998 (Kawiwi)

Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 20:42:02 -1000
From: "Dayle K. Turner" (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Kawiwi II

Pat, Wing, and I motored out to Waianae Valley yesterday (12/5/98) to tackle Pu'u Kawiwi (elev. 2,975). After a two-hour climb, Pat and I summitted. No ropes or cables were required.

Meanwhile, Wing, who's tried to climb this peak umpteenth times without success, came excruciatingly close yesterday but decided to save his date with glory for another time. I'm sure Wing will offer his perspective via a reply to this post.

On the way up and on the descent, we did some clearing and ribboning so that when Wing, Steve Poor (another with a Kawiwi fixation) and anyone else heads topside, the route will be easier to negotiate.

At the midpoint, I was face-to-face with a male goat and a younger one. Poised about 15 feet away on a rock outcropping, the duo just stared when I yelled out, "Goat!" once, twice, thrice. They bolted only when I climbed toward them with loppers (borrowed from Wing) raised.

Later at the summit, Pat and I watched a herd of 11 cruise across a narrow dike between Kawiwi and No Name Peak and then continue past us about 30 feet below where we sat. We watched as the herd romped makai along the slope and then made its way down the rocky ridge we had ascended. Before and after that, we spotted other animals nearby. It appears Kamaileunu Ridge may be the goat capital of Oahu.

Speaking of the dike, it appears that the summit ridge between Kawiwi and No Name is doable if caution is exercised. The dike has a Kalena-ish look to it but is a go--hey, the goats did it. :-) The major obstacle may be a sentinel boulder near a grove of ironwoods. However, the obstacle is also doable say Pat and Wing, who examined it on a recent outing.

On the flip side, the segment between Kawiwi and the HTMC Kamaileunu lunchspot appears formidable, with a steep rock formation just makai of Kawiwi, and a couple other cliffy sections a couple hundred yards beyond. Al Miller and Ski Pole have done this segment but did so with the assistance of cables and other aids.

Half in jest, I proposed a future HTMC (Super?) hike that would have us ascend Kawiwi, turn right along Kamaileunu Ridge to continue to No Name Peak, Three Poles, and then Kaala. We'd then descend Dupont (or DePonte) to Waialua to complete the trek. Call me a dreamer, a forward thinker, or a fool. But don't call me late for...

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