OHE December 25, 1998 (Papali-Hauula)

Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 13:22:23 -1000
From: Dayle Turner  (dkt@whoever.com)
Subject: Papali-Hauula

As I usually do on Christmas day, I went for a hike. My trail of choice was Papali-Hauula because this double-loop combo isn't too long (six miles total according to Stuart's book), the weather out that way looked pretty decent this morning, and I like the drive along the coast.

I started hiking at just past 8:30 and didn't spot any cars or hikers at the trailhead. As has been reported by others in the past, there's been some roadwork done by the trailhead to improve access for a water tank in the area. Because of that, I parked very near the trailhead right by the chain that blocked further vehicular progress instead of parking on Kam Hwy. as I usually do.

I signed in at the hunter's mailbox, browsed through the log for any familiar names, but didn't spot any. Because it's supposed to be a bit harder and longer, I did the Papali loop first (it's the one on the left when facing the mountains). Nothing significant to report: no major blowdowns, landslides, or pua'a. I had forgotten that the trail passes by the backyard of a home, and when I passed the home after finishing Papali, there was a guy in the backyard whacking golf balls. Maybe he was trying out a just-received Christmas present.

The Hauula loop has had some steps added and some erosion-control work done since I last hiked the trail maybe a year and a half ago. I'm guessing that the work has been done by Na Ala Hele since the trail is marked as being under the domain of that organization. Nice job whoever it was.

Overall, both loops are in good shape, with no major mud action or obstructions. This is a nice hike for na keiki, for novices, and for someone like me who want a workout on Christmas day.

Aside from the guy in his backyard, I saw no one during the hike. There was a car parked next to mine when I returned to the trailhead. Maybe that person went to hike Maakua Gulch or was doing the Papali Loop as I finished Hauula.

On the way back to Kaneohe, I noticed a half-dozen cars in the lot by the Sacred Falls trailhead but saw no one at the heads of the Piei, Pu'u Manamana, or Hidden Valley trails.

Safe hiking to all,


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