OHE December 20, 1998 (Kamaileunu)

Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 21:13:03 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Kamaileunu for the 10th time

Went with Slow W. up Kamaileunu from Waianae.

Left him in the dust :), and got to the lunchspot by 1:30. The route is slightly different: there used to be 3 different slabs around rockfaces, they have been consolidated into one gigantic slab. The notorious ironwood forest has also been cleared.

I found the bottle, which included messages by BuLaia and Sam Choy indeed! Wrote my own: this is the 10th time I am here, looked longingly at Kawiwi and Noname. Noticed spectacular 80 degree ridge up Noname from Makaha Valley.

Left by 1:50, and was going down Waianae short-cut at 4:00, when Slow W. was still sitting at the rock. This is the hardest rock of the entire ridge, and he claims he feels insecure without me.

Led him down slowly and then took off :)

The route turns left to leave the ridge to go to the watertank. That is not very efficient, as the watertank is protected by barbed wire and a locked gate, over which one must climb, whereas if one were to walk down the ridge to its very end, it would be to the right of the watertank as well as the barb-wire fence.

So I proceeded to do that. There is a 30 foot high rockface one has to negotiate, but it's not deadly.

By 5:45 was laying on the grass at the road.

Then I heard shouts by Slow W. I couldn't see him, and I heard something like "I was stuck". I thought he must have followed me down and got stuck at the rock-wall. So I yelled, "go down the watertank, don't follow me".

I couldn't see him and could barely hear him. Area resident came by to offer help, saying he has friend who regularly hikes up the ridge to rescue hikers / hunters stranded there. He offered to go fetch this guy.

An hour passed and it got dark. I heard yells again, and I said "want me to call 911? Stay there, don't move!" Then I found it curious that the yell gets louder.

Turns out Slow W. can see in the dark, and did walk out safely via the watertank, and "911" needed not to be bothered.


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