OHE December 16, 1998 (Kealia)

Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 14:51:36 -1000
From: FRED R BOLL (frbinc@juno.com>
Subject: State of OHE-L

I can understand Dayle's consternation at the fact that only 10% or so of the subscribers to this list actually post anything. I think many people are enthusiasts but do not hike often and some are fearful of being criticized for poor writing and lastly most hikes cannot measure up to the stories that the real daring among you all can write about. I have a suggestion that might help. What about a wuss(SP?) of the week hike? We need some guidelines (1) The hike cannot be life threatening. (2) The hike should be reasonably short, say under 3 hours for a methodical hiker. (3) The trail must be of a legitimate nature, not just a walk to Foodland or something like that. We could say it should be a Na Ala Hele hike,(what does that mean anyway?) but that would be too limited. Let's say it has to be a trail, in a forest or at least a pasture. Just because the trail starts under a sign that reads "Kapu" or "No Trespassing", it will not be automatically disqualified.

Today I started to go out early and get a lot of exercise on a really good and strenuous hike but I frittered too much and frittered away half the day. I still felt a need for some exercise so I loaded my vertically challenged dog and some water in my truck and headed for the North Shore. Recognizing the need for food we stopped at the Wahiawa Zippy's for a tray of cholesterol cleverly disguised as a Zip Pack and proceeded to Dillingham Field and the start of Kealia Trail.

We left the truck at 11:30, or so and went along the road toward the trail head at a ridiculously slow pace since my doggie doesn't think I can find the way back to the parking lot unless he marks each rock and tree. This goes on till he runs out of marking material and then we hike in earnest. The trail is now real wide since the prisoners Weed whacked it about July or there about and the traction was good even though it rained last night. Reached the Ironwood copse at 12:15 and ate at the shelter provided. Started the return about 1/2 hour later. Found some pig bones on a rock that I missed seeing on the way up. I had to go more slowly coming down than going up because the rocky portions were slippery. Reached the parking lot at 1:05 to be greeted by 40 or so school children. I thought they were there to watch gliders and skydivers but, no, they were the hiking club from Dole Intermediate in Kalihi and they were on their way up Kealia also.

There now, that is a wuss of the week sample.


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