OHE December 29, 1997 (b)

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 09:39:30 -1000
From: Grant Oka (goka@ns00.phnsy.navy.mil>
Subject: htmc olomana hike

hi everyone and happy new year, this is grant "bumbling but he means well" oka, wishing everyone a safe and prosperous 1998.

this sunday 12/28, HTMC hiked our christmas traditional olomana hike. the weather was rainy as jim yuen, joyce tomlinson (htmc vp), georgina oka, and myself headed up mabel's new access trail to lay ropes for the anticipated arrival of HTMC.

the trail was slippery and muddy and the going was slow. ropes were laid mostly for safety on the descent of some steep sections coming back from the 1st peak. jim stayed at the rock face below the first peak to assist hikers. he drilled and epoxied a bolt and hanger earlier so this day he just clipped in with webbing and carabiner. i was surprised to see how many members braved the rain to hike olomana.

the weather broke by the time i got to the first peak and many of the fast hikers were already on the 2nd peak. the webbing/cable/rope going down the 2nd peak to the 3rd peak is very weather worn but held up fine under heavy use as this section was steep and slippery. (i can still hear john darrah whine about it) by this time leader Dusty Klein was well ahead and put up ropes at the puka rock as well as a section near the top of the 3rd peak (thanks to DKTs earlier donation of his rope).

the section just above the puka rock required some rock climbing skills since there was no secure place to anchor a rope. the rain slicked rock smeared with mud from the previous hikers and the drop offs on both sides made this section thrilling. funny how this section didn't seem that bad last week when it was dry. at least 12 or so people made to the 3rd peak including a 13 year old girl named Rachel whose rock climbing skills i can only dream of possessing.

all in all, a wonderful hike that was good for body and soul.

Reply From: Dick Beaton (dbeaton@aloha.net>

Thrilling indeed, especially for us guys with short legs. This was my first climb up peak 3 and it was certainly a memorable one. As Wing would say, another death defying feat accomplished. It was a great hike though and look forward to next years traditional HTMC Xmas hike.

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