OHE December 28, 1997

Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 16:07:08 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Olomana middle rock

Went with HTMC to their Olomana hike. Planned to go to the 3rd peak, but I was told that "there is no cable at the rock after the hole in the rock".

There were 3 cables on the 3rd peak.

Actually there are 2 cables on the 2nd peak, 1 cable on the 1st peak? No, 1st peak has 2, doesn't work.

Anyway, back to the 3rd peak: the 1st is at the hole in the rock, 3rd is near the top. Neither is critical. But the one in the middle, what I would call the middle rock, involves a critical maneuver, one that would be very hard to do without the cable, because there is this sheer dropoff on the right.

Actually quite a few managed to go past the middle rock with no cable. Grant Oka was coming down, and I yelled "what, run out of cables?" Grant explained that there is still rope, but no place to attach it to. There used to be a peg that was sawed off by those creeps one year ago, and they could not find the hole any more.

Well, I think I might get into trouble at the middle rock with no cable; so I stopped at the hole in the rock and turned around.


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