OHE December 15, 1997

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 07:52:19 -1000
From: Dave Webb 
Subject: Lua'alea Falls

Sunday I hiked to Lua'alea falls in Manoa valley. I was looking for something easy after recovering from being sick for a week and a half, and this seemed like just the ticket. What a beautiful falls!! Very easy trail access and a short hike as well. Manoa falls can't compare with this beautiful place. The twin falls had plenty of water and the stream and pools were the cleanest that I have ever seen on Oahu. The hike only took about 45 min. to reach the pools where there are excellent swimming opportunities and a chance for further exploration upstream. What I liked the best is that the pools were 6-8 ft. deep so you can actually swim (unlike Manoa falls pool). There is a short rope leading from the lower pool to the upper one at the base of the upper falls that is very easy to negotiate. Beyond that there was another rope leading up the left side of the upper falls that looked do-able. I didn't attempt to tackle it on this day since we were already having so much fun skinny-dipping in the pools!


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