OHE December 12, 1997 (b)

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 14:42:38 -1000
From: Dave Webb 
Subject: Waterfalls

How about some nominations for everyone's favorite waterfall hike on Oahu / Neighbor Islands!


From: Nathan Yuen (nyuen@lava.net>

Kaau Crater on Oahu -- 2 nice waterfalls on the way to the crater and a really neat one that falls over the rim of the crater itself. As far as the neighbor islands go, I alas... have only been to Akaka Falls on the Hamakua coast of the big island.

From: Grant Tokumi (gtokumi@aloha.net>

If its not for swimming, then I think Kaau Crater has some beautiful waterfalls. And the hike is a nice one too. For swimming, Waimano pool probably my favorite if it ain't too crowded.

BTW, I went to Waimano Pool on Nov 29 and let me tell you, the falls were the biggest I've ever seen it in my life. I tried to swim across the bottom pool to the middle pool and the current was pushing me back. There was no place to sit on the top and middle pool area, it was all covered with water. The gravelly area at the end of the bottom pool was totally covered. We could hardly find a place to sit down. Nuts.

From: Kukailucy (Kukailucy@aol.com>

Wai'ale'ale crater hike in Kauai---numerous ribbons of water falling into one sacred basin near the wettest spot on earth.

(actually, this "hike" was pure hell.)

From: Eric Stelene (ees129@psu.edu)

Hanakoa Falls on Kauai can't be beat, the falls are enormous and the pool is so big. Blue Pool on Maui is great too because there aren't a whole lot of waterfalls right on the shore.

From: Carole Moon (moon@hawaii.edu>

Hi Gang,

My nomination is Waiilikahi Falls located in Waimanu Valley on the Big Isle. It's about 2,200 ft. high and the water comes from the uplands of the Kohala mountains. It is so awesome; I was moved by the power, the sound, and the ethereal beauty of this falls. Watch out though when she's pumping, she's mean; there's a whole lot of rockin' and rollin'!

You need to backpack into Waimanu Valley in order to get to this falls!

Aloha, Carole

From: MR RICHARD A MCMAHON (KPHC66A@prodigy.com>

Hanawi Falls on the way to Hana, Maui. You have to hike a path from Nahiku, then go up a stream to get there. The heaviest daily volume of water in the islands roars over these spectacular falls. And you will always be alone [unless you bring someone with you]

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