OHE August 9, 1999 (Poamoho campout)

Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 12:23:33 -1000
From: Dave Webb (dwebb@mailhost.k12.hi.us>
Subject: Poamoho cabin campout

My girlfriend Sandy and I went up Poamoho trail on Saturday and spent the night, making our descent on Sunday morning. Here's the story.

Saturday (8-7) Parked car at the Helemano warehouse at 3:30 and proceeded up through the pineapple fields on mountain bikes. The ride was tough and took longer than I anticipated. In some spots, we had to stop and walk the bikes, because mine was borrowed from a friend and stuck in 7th gear! We reached the trailhead about 4:40 and stashed the bikes in the woods and proceeded up the trail. The weather was great, and we were treated to fine views of the stream below and to our right on the way to the summit. Near the top, the trail got pretty muddy, and our pace slowed as a result. We topped out and got water from the stream at 6:30. There were 4 guys pitching tents at the summit, but it was really windy and getting late, so we proceeded along the summit trail to the cabin right away. Almost immediately we were treated to great views of the sun dropping between the clouds and the top of Mt. Kaala in the distance. We could also see the beautiful mountain lakes to the west of the cabin.

Reached the cabin about 6:50 and were thankful to find the door unlocked (since we had no tent!) The cabin is wonderful!! Really solid and in a pristine location!! Hopefully, people will treat it with respect and not trash it, otherwise I'm sure that it's use will be taken away from the public. It is a really comfortable place to spend the night at the summit, much more so than tent camping. There weren't any mosquitos or other bugs that we could notice, and the night was quite comfortable. Sam slept on her deluxe thermarest in a sleeping bag liner, and I slept on my own thermarest (the thin one) wrapped in 2 sarongs. We had a great dinner consisting of Lipton instant noodles with alfredo sauce (cooked in 7 minutes), bagels, and oreos and hot cocoa for dessert (cant miss the chocolate!!).

For breakfast we made up 3 packs of instant oatmeal (one of my favorites) and instant coffee (not one of my favorites :( ). The morning offered spectacular views of the windward side with just some high clouds. I was very happy to be able to share the views with her, since I had told her so much about them. We took lots of pix and left the summit around 10:30. Needless to say, the bike ride down was a heck of a lot more fun than the ride up (plus it was much faster). We arrived back at the highway about 1:30 and headed home.

I was trying out some new equipment on this hike and I'm pleased to announce that it worked out very well. Patrick gets the credit for being the first person I had ever see wearing football cleats while hiking. I bought some the last time I was on the mainland and they worked great!!! They aren't quite as supportive as hiking boots, but they do grip better and they are lighter and more comfortable. I also was trying out my new sealskins waterproof socks and they worked as advertised. I was slogging through every puddle that I could find to give them a real workout, and my feet were warm and dry for the duration. Expensive as they may be, they did work quite well. I guess that relative to gore-tex hiking boots they aren't that bad! :) We had a great time and I highly recommend giving the cabin a look!


Dave Webb