OHE August 15, 1999 (Maunawili)

Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 22:15:23 -1000
From: Carmen C. (carmenc@pixi.com>
Subject: Maunawili Again

Mooncat's write-up came at a perfect time as I was planning on taking a group from the mainland to the falls this morning via the trail from Maunawili. After reading about the trashing of the falls I went armed with two 33 gallon trash bags and good intentions. We arrived at the falls after a one hour hike and I was pleaseantly surprised to find that the menehunes had been in attendance. After careful inspection of the area my trash bag was filled with a pair of broken slippers, a chapstick tube, and a pair of old boxers. (I did pick up two water bottles along the trail later.) The water was relatively clear considering it had stopped raining at about 9:00 am and there were NO people. I think the rain made them wait until later and we did pass about 10-12 people on their way up. While it wasn't trashy, it wasn't the pristine pool I remember from 10 years ago. There are several questions that could be asked and opinions that could be given about this topic but I choose to let people ponder it. Happy trails guys. :-)

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