OHE August 14, 1999 (Makapuu Circumnav)

Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 18:37:45 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Circumnavigate Makapuu Valley

Usually one does not think of it that way, but the Makapuu Lookout is actually the head of a _valley_, the easternmost valley in the entire Koolau Range matter of fact. Indeed I recall reading that there are artifacts from a village that used to be situated in that valley.

Being weak from the 'flu, I attempted something easy, i.e. Makapuu Lighthouse, and then down to Pele's Chair, that rock formation at the bottom of the east ridge of Makapuu Valley. Then I looked at the other side, and saw the west ridge of the Valley, and decided to ascend it to the top and then come back to the Lookout, thus completing a circumnavigation of the Valley.

From Pele's Chair, I looked at a white sign along the highway and made a beeline towards it, walking cross-country. That sign says something like "no trespassing", but of course I had no notice, since I could not read it so far away, moreover, the writing is on the other side :)

Then I crossed the highway, and there is technically a bridge over a dry gully. On the upper end of the "bridge" there is an opening in the vegetation, and that's where I climbed up. Right there is a big black rock with two big holes in it. Somewhere placed a white rock in each of the two holes, making them look like eyes of a big skull ....

The rest is uneventful: get on the ridgetop, minor rollercoaster action, and then the ridge terminates at the Pali over the highway and ocean, and it intersects the Makapuu-Tom-Tom trail, which I then follow back to the Lookout. Most people take that trail one way up towards Tom-Tom, and it's a different perspective going down it, towards my car parked down there. BTW there are lumps of broken glass in that area, indicating guess what.


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