OHE August 31, 1998 (b)

Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 00:21:02 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Aiea Ridge

I was going to go camping with NN (no name, since he's not on this list to defend himself) going up Waimano, crossing to Waimalu Middle and descending there. About Wednesday I got cold feet. NN has been hiking more and more slowly in the past few years. I did the whole thing in one very long day, and I became worried that even two days backpacking will not be enough.

So I called and said let's just do a day-hike, and NN suggested Aiea Ridge, since he's been there only once and never took enough pictures.

So we met this morning 7:30. I said, I normally take 3.5 hours to go up, so should be 11:00. We should make 12:00 the turnaround time.

We were hiking together during the Loop, but then I never saw him again after the turnoff on the Ridge trail. I was hiking very slowly, and did get to the top about 12:00 myself. I looked back, clear all the way to the False Summit, no trace of NN.

I had leisurely lunch, cleared a little of the route to Waimalu Middle, admired that route, the route to Halawa, and the Kalahaku Six Teeth Commuting Route. It was mostly fogged in, but cleared up magnificently for a half hour for my viewing pleasure. By 1 p.m. I reluctantly left the top.

Almost back to False Summit, and NN is moving slowly UP!! I said, eh, supposed to turn around 2 hours ago, but he said, he wanted to take pictures from the top, still plenty of time, ..... I did a quick calculation, he will get to the top by 3 p.m., leaving only 4 hours of sunlight, and he would have taken some 7 hours to ascend Aiea one-way, during which time Paka-Lolo would do Aiea round-trip THREE times. I was reluctant to give him my security flashlight, since that will make him dilly-dally even more, but on second thought, I could not bear the responsibility if he falls off in the dark. So I gave him that heroic flashlight of mine, veteran of TWO pitch-dark excursions coming out from lovely Waimalu Middle. He did promise to put in new batteries.

I went home, had dinner, etc., and called his house at 9 p.m.: not home.

11 p.m., he called, and said that he turned around from the top about 3:30, and got to about the midpoint of the trail when it got totally dark (7:15). He came out 10:15 p.m., and begged the caretaker to let him out.

More than 14 hours for round trip Aiea Ridge. I am glad at least he came out safely.


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