OHE August 28, 1998

Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 10:59:17 -1000
From: MARK SHORT (MARKESHORT@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: Pohai Nani - Kapaa Quarry

DKT wrote about this a little while ago, can't remember what he called it but goes above Pohai Nani & Kappa Quarry. I tryed it after work last night.

If you like Tonka Trucks you'll love this quick hike.

I let my son try his hand at map reading & let him direct me to Lipula St. unfortunately he had the map upside down and we went right instead of left. We started at 5:45 and reached the top at 6:00. This included time back tracking to find lost dog (just like me sometimes he charges ahead without watching for ribbons) and stopping during climb to admire the suns rays streaming thru the Koolaus into Kaneohe. From there we dropped down to a grassy ledge with great views from the Marine Base to Makapuu. Then staight down is the quarry. I think we spent a little too much time watching the Tonka Trucks because it was dark by the time we got back down to the Ironwood Grove. We were back to the car by 7:15.

This is a fun workout with lots of steep sections & ropes so if you go fast you'll feel it. And its a loop!

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