OHE August 19, 1998

From:	"Jarrod Kinoshita" (jarrodk@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Olomana
Date:	Wed, 19 Aug 1998 12:03:51 -1000

A couple of friends and I decided to give Olomana ridge a try yesterday. Our goal was the first peak and possibly the 2nd, depending on how my friends felt since they are beginners.

The hike begins with a long (paved) road walk of about a mile. You must park before the first bridge on the un-named road right off A'uloa Rd. There's lots of room along the road, especially near the trailhead, which makes it very tempting to drive up to the trailhead area and park you car. Don't do it because they will tow your car. We learned the hard way. There were no signs in the area so we thought we were safe, bad mistake on our part. I failed to see the signs near the first bridge since they were painted over (graphitti).

Anyway, I was trying to follow S. Ball's book to find the trailhead and our position on the map. Turns out that there is a new trailhead very close to the golf course. There's a big metal sign that says 'no hikers beyond this point. Olomana trail'. The sign is at map pt. D on the map in Ball's book. It is only a few mintues away from the old pumping station and 20 min (for us) away from the ridgeline. (map pt. E) Nice and direct route to the summit.

The trail is well cleared and wide open. It was also very hot yesterday (very little breeze) and I was at a loss of energy for some reason. We made about 1/2 way to the first summit when things started spinning around me. It was then that we decided to call it quits and come back another day.

On our way back, I found the trailhead that Ball describes in his book. It's near 3 large boulders with a faint trail leading into the woods. It's fairly overgrown and seems like no one uses this it anymore. I like the new trailhead better but dislike the long, boring road walk.

Hopefully, I'll go back in a few weeks and bring my bike with me.


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