OHE August 16, 1998

Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 18:18:14 -1000
From: "Dayle K. Turner" (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Ka'au Crater TM

Twenty-four (24) folks showed up for today's HTMC trail maintenance outing of the route around Ka'au Crater at the upper reaches of Palolo Valley.

On hand were Mabel Kekina, Lester Ohara, Deetsie Chave, Carole K. Moon, Lita Komura, Pat Rorie, Arnold Fujioka, Grant Oka, Georgina Oka, June Miyasato, Bill Gorst, Ken Suzuki, Kost Pankiwskyj, Wil Kawano, Lynn Agena, Jay Feldman, Nathan Yuen, Kim Roy, Judy Roy, Jason Sunada, Mike Algiers, Dusty Klein, and Duane Tom. Duane was on his first trail clearing and did a bang-up job. Mahalo nui is also extended to Ralph Valentino, who had to attend a youth soccer officiating clinic today but still showed up to assist with pre- and post-clearing transport.

Today's large turnout was welcome since a bunch of work was needed on the route. Only a small handful turned out for TM of Ka'au last year and those who showed up paid a big price in fatigue and assault by uluhe. Today's outing, in contrast, was pleasant, not only because of the numerous machete-swinging hands but also because of the high overcast conditions, a healthy dose of trade winds, and clear views topside.

Pat did yeoman work, lugging a machete AND a shovel, the latter for digging steps where needed along the trail, especially on the ascent from the crater lip to Palikea on the Koolau summit. Nice job, Paka.

The majority of us followed the route club hikers will use on the members-only outing scheduled for Aug. 30 (Arnold will coordinate that trek). That is, from the trailhead at the end of Waiomao Road, we crossed Waiomao Stream five times, then contoured for a lengthy stretch above the stream on the ewa side of the gulch. We then climbed to the left of a large waterfall, to the right of a second, and then zigzagged up a lengthy cascade, with the aid of ropes in some sections, to gain the lip of Ka'au Crater. From there, we climbed the eroded east ridge of the crater (nice views into the crater on the way up), gaining Palikea (2,400) on the Koolau summit. From Palikea, we turned left (ewa), moving along the summit and passing one then a second powerline tower (we ate lunch at the second). Not far past the second tower, we descended the west ridge of Kaau (where most of the clearing had to be done). After the descent of the west ridge, we continued along the makai side of the crater, and descended a ridge for about a mile before dropping back down to Waiomao Stream via a series of switchbacks.

We shoved off at 8:15 and were pau by 3:30. Mahalo to all who lent a hand today.


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