OHE August 1, 1998

Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998 06:48:24 -1000
From: peter caldwell (pekelo@lava.net>
Subject: Sierras

Howzit, guys!

Being a long-time Sierra hiker, it was only natural when I first came to Hawaii in 1967 to set out to explore a new mountain environment. At this point, the Koolaus and other wilderness areas in the islands are almost as familiar as my first love, the Sierra Nevada.

Noted photographer,author and climber Galen Rowell, who has visited all the world's great mountain ranges many times, has said that for him the Sierras remain at the top of his personal list. Based on my own experiences, I would certainly agree. No mountain range on earth is blessed with such an abundance of unspoiled natural beauty and wonderfully reliable weather which makes wilderness travel such a delight.

Still if you love the mountains, yearn for a little solitude, and enjoy the challenges of a wilderness experience, we are fortunate to have that available here. It's just a very different environment that has its own unique attractions. As I've often said to friends when I introduce them to the high Koolaus, here we are on the most populated island in the chain and we're hiking by ourselves enjoying spectacular views among plants that are found nowhere else in the world. Tradewinds sweeping away the mists in front of your eyes to reveal a magnificent windward panorama are good for a chicken-skin experience every time. Of course, we do have also boot-sucking mud, white-outs on the ridges, impenetrable vegetation, not-so-friendly na pua'a occasionally and strange hikers with rainbow-colored hair!

The point of all this rambling? Just to let you guys know that I recently put together a web page about high-country hiking and climbing in the Sierras with lots of photos and a few short accounts of memorable trips. So if you're interested and want to check it out, take a look at:



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