OHE August 7, 1997

Contributed by Malcolm Kirkpatrick via James Yuen (jyuen@pixi.com)--
Mae Moriwaki mentioned a hike from Olympus to Makapuu. 12 hours, 21-June-1967 or so. Tony Gill, Sid Sturgis, Roger Sims, and Malcolm Kirkpatrick. We started from St. Louis hgts (Waahila Ridge) at 6 a.m. with lunch and water. High overcast; the trail was dry. Perfect weather. Saw goat droppings above Kuliouou, and a little farther on, a goat. We walked out at the crest of the road above Makapuu at 6 p.m. I would recommend a couple of large trash bags and a sweatshirt, just in case you are benighted. We spent less than 1 hour at rest. It's a grind to do this in 1 day.

Earlier, Tony, Sid and Malcolm hiked from Puu Konahuanui to Makapuu in 2 days, 1 night (spent above Waimanalo, on a very rainy, stormy night). We left the road (Tantalus Drive) at about 8 am and walked out at about 4 pm the next day.

Water can be a problem for some. Aside from Lulumahu valley at the start, there is no reliable source.

Knut Peacock, Jim Fleming and Malcolm attempted a more leisurely pace--two nights, the first at Puu Konahuanui--and spent 40 hours in clouds and rain. We walked out at Niu Valley, dry, in the early afternoon and spent $5.00 for a case of Primo. It vwas gone by the time Fleming's mom picked us up 45 min later.

If you trim the trails, please don't leave diagonal-cut stems in the path. I have a scar from a punji stick on the Puu Konakuanui-Olympus trail. A'a I can handle, if I know to pick my footing, Thanks

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