OHE August 4, 1997 (d)

Contributed by Mae Moriwaki (mae@hawaii.edu)--
Boy! All of these stories of long/spooky/difficult hikes are getting me exhausted. How about a easy hike for a change? DELETE NOW NOTICE.

This weekend Jim & I decided to do Maunawili trail starting from Maunawili Falls. The new access is at the end of Maunawili Street. The signage is excessive (and some are just plain not nice), but it sure beats jumping into the drainage ditch (the old route).

Sierra Club has done a good job with the trail--wide, easy, with steps in the uphill places. Instead of going down to visit Maunawili Falls, we bypassed it and continued going up to the place where it intersects the Maunawili contour trail. It intersects the trail just pass the four chimneys (ie. the chimneys with the tunnel and the smiling dike). Takes less than a hour to get there. We then turned left towards Waimanalo and cruised down the trail to the Waimanalo lookout. About .5 miles to the trail's end, we turned left again to go back to the car. Disaster struck. WHO PUT A GOLF COURSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TREK HOME? It was pass 4:30 (we started the trail late, at 11:30 am). We had three choices: 1) go back the way we came. 2) walk down to the trail's end and catch a bus. or 3) dodge the golfers & go home.

Can you choose wisely?

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