OHE August 25, 1997 (c)

From: Mae Moriwaki (mae@hawaii.edu)

This past Saturday, Jim & I headed out to Puu o Lanikai to listen in on the Bellows Concert (free mo betta!). However, once getting to the top, we discovered the acoustics wasn't that hot. We left the peak, and headed down an old trail back to the car. Someone built a house in the middle of the trail. In order not to trespass, we pushed through the brush & ended up at the bottom of Po'opo'o Pl. On the road again.

The day was still young so we went over to the quarry road & climbed to the top of Ulumawao. Jim has been trying to bring me up there for a while, but I resisted. I mean, who wants to have a great view of the dump & quarry? Was I ever so wrong. Beautiful views of Olomana & Kawainui Marsh, a vista stretching from Waimanalo to (was it?) Laie Pt. As we climbed higher, Konahuanui stood directly in front of us & we pondered the Piliwale trail. We retraced our steps to a side trail--neat! Turned out to be the crater rim trail-- followed it to a bunch of ironwood pinetrees. After the ironwoods, the trail shot straight down the side of a hill. Perfect conditions: smooth & grassy. My kingdom for a piece of cardboard. Oh well, I thought, never did like this pants anyway. Got down on my okole & slid down the hill. Undignified, but fun!

On Sunday, Jim, Moana, & myself headed out to the Waimano Home trail. Back to the scene of Jim's fall. The day was cool & overcast, and we arrived at the "falls" in no time. The three of us peered over the cliff, and had a moment of silence, followed by laughter. We were off again. What a beautiful trail! Koa, awapuhi, kopiko, i'ei'e, naupaka, ohia, lobelia, maile, the list goes on & on! We hid under trees each time the rain fell, and took off again. So happy-- going to see the summit! It was the first time on this trail for all of us. The summit got closer & closer.

You know how it is when you're so close to the summit, you can feel it? Smell it? That's how I felt. Adrenalin ran through my veins. I turned the corner and...um, the real summit was still far away (heheheh-- embarassed). We met a couple coming down the trail at that time. "The miles fly by" they said. "So He sez!" we answered.

Finally, finally we reached the *summit*! Saw a sign "Waimano trail ends here." Sweet words. The view was obscured by clouds-- but within minutes they lifted! Waihee Valley was clear! A rainbow formed in the middle of the valley far below us. The windward side! What can I say? All too fast the scene closed in again. Did it open just for us? Probably not, but hey! Why not think so? ;-)

Time to turn back down. Suddenly the rain started pounding us. I mean rivers. We laughed. Reminded us of going to Haleakala. Remember last November when Makaha was getting flooded? We were hiking in that. Waterfalls behind Kapaloa (you can imagine Paliku!) Even a lake! Awesome!

Um, back to Waimano. Made it out okay. Even dried off a bit. Will be back! Too beautiful not to.

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