OHE August 19, 1997 (b)

From: Mae Moriwaki (mae@hawaii.edu)
On Friday, Jim & I went up the "nipple" trail. (does anyone know the name of this hike?). The ridge is to the right of the Sacred Falls hike. Boy, was it ever hot & humid! I trudged up the trail behind Jim. Every so often, I would turn around and look at the ever expanding vista around me. Beautiful! As you climb higher, you can see deeper into the verdant, narrow valleys, and the long cascade of upper Sacred Falls.

Jim noticed that I was pretty low-energy (I kept on clutching my chest and falling to the ground whenever he looked back--subtle hint that I needed a break). He mercifully stopped at a grassy knob. We laid down on the soft grass & watched the clouds go by. The thunder, hot/humid conditions made him decide to keep this hike for next time. whew!

Only a short hike on Sunday-- did my favorite Manoa Falls/Aihualama loop. I was pretty upset to see that people (I don't know who) blocked off part of the trail by jamming bamboo crossbars across Aihualama trail. (the lower part of the trail that exits by the start of the Manoa Falls trail). However, a short "rest stop" cured the problem. :-) Not much hiking but maybe next week mo betta.

ps take a look at the "Big Pua'a" at Pearlridge by Sears. Hiker's nightmare!

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