OHE August 11, 1997 (b)

Contributed by Patrick Rorie (prorie@hekili.k12.hi.us)--
Howzit everyone ?! No. I'm not trying to imitate our leader and trail monger DKT. Just wanted to share some recent hiking accomplishment...

== 8/7, Thursday Pau Hana

Nu'uanu Trail. Drove up the Pali Hwy. and turned right onto Nu'uanu Pali Drive. After crossing a small bridge with 1931 on it I parked. After final preparations walked back to a dirt lot, stepped up and over a chain and walked down toward Nu'uanu Stream. After crossing the stream I went thru a bamboo grove and past eucalyptus (got it right this time Pete !). Next was one of the highlights of the hike. Passed thru an incredible Norfolk Island pine forest ! You can see it as you drive toward Honolulu on the Pali if you look left. Worked my way up a series of switchbacks. The views began to open up. Could see the other side of the valley where Ralph Valentino (HTMC trail clearer) and his family live.

When the trail finally leveled off I reached another highlight of the trek. Walking along a grassy contour section which gradually descends down to the junction with Pauoa Flats. There was a nice breeze in my face and the views were pleasant on both sides of the trail. Punchbowl was straight back and down below off in the distance. Noticed quite a few Ohi'a trees with their cherry red flowers. Reached the junction with the Pauoa Flats trail and went left. The roots were a bit annoying !

Finally reached the Nu'uanu lookout. Mo'ole Ridge was straight across with the reservoir down and to the right. Lanihuli and Konahuanui were both socked in. Discovered the rusty brown post which has "God's Country" on it. Instead of doubling back I went up and left as you face Nu'uanu Valley. I'd never been on this trail before so I wasn't sure where it would take me. Looked like someone had been maintaining it however. Nice views along most of its route. Mt. Olympus and Manoa Valley were visible. Eventually the trail connected with the pleasant grassy contour section. Descended the switchbacks and got back to my car at 7:15. Couldn't do the Judd Trail due to lack of time.

== 8/8, Friday Pau Hana

Pu'u Piei. You knew it was just a matter of time before I got back to this one. After passing Kahana Valley State Park turned right into a boat-launching ramp area and after final preps crossed Kam. Hwy. at 5:03 p.m. Entered the woods and found the trailhead. Gained altitute via three switchbacks. Next came the key part. I went left and contoured instead of going right like I did the last time I attempted this hike. I must have been in too big a hurry that day. Next I passed thru a rock gully and eventually turned right and up toward the Piei cliffs. On the right I could see the ridge with the pyramid shaped summit I had ascended the first time I attempted this hike. After going past a couple of eroded sections and thru grass and scattered trees I entered a long forested area. As the ascent became steeper cables were encountered. Reached the top of the Piei Ridge and turned left. The ridge was socked in so I continued to climb toward the summit. The trail opened up and became very narrow (more cables were provided). Finally reached the broad summit of Pu'u Piei at approx. 6:08 p.m. inside a small forest. Explored a little further but because of time limitations and with no views I decided to head back down at 6:16. Reached my car at 7:16.

== 8/9, Saturday with Dayle, Pete Caldwell, Gene Robinson, Laredo Murray, Wing Ng, and Torrey Goodman.

Up Waimalu Middle Ridge, along the Ko'olau Summit Ridge, down Waimano. Highlights: The final ascent up the somewhat narrow, grassy section of the middle ridge to the Waimalu summit; the grassy Waimalu summit area which was very broad and flat; the outstanding views from the Waimalu summit esp. of Ohulehule; the grassy bowl area we encountered on our way to Waimano just before going along the Ko'olau summit; the excitment of hiking along the Ko'olau summit

== 8/10, Sunday Solo

Kealia. Drove to the Dillingham Air Field in Mokuleia. After final preps started up the switchbacks at 12:35 p.m. Ten mountain bikers came speeding past me. Also enountered 10 people along this section including four keikis. Noticed a body of water below and to the left with objects floating on the surface. Gliders were high overhead and there was a nice view of the northshore. Worked my way up the final switchbacks and up a killer road section (was it the trail or was I tired from Saturday's action ?). Finally reached a junction at the road end (elev. 1960 ft).

Descended slightly for a better view of Makua Valley below. It was just after 2 p.m. Encountered two other hikers. One of them was a wahine who was with Art Neilson the day I got busted doing the Haiku Stairs. The other was Roger ???. I took a photo of them together with Makua Valley as the backdrop. We conversed for a short while and then they started heading back to Dillingham. I continued on up the trail passing an overlook with rock slabs until I got to an excellent view spot. I sat down and looked around. Could see the summit of Mt. Ka'ala and the Ohikilolo pyramid. Thought of hiking to the Nike missile site and beyond before heading back but energy levels were low. The clouds blew in as well. Took my time going back to Dillingham enjoying the views of the northshore along the road section. Got back to my car at approx. 5 p.m.

Three day weekend coming up ! Weather permitting perhaps a return to Kipapa on Friday with a double header on Saturday (Kaaawa Valley from 9:30 - 1 and then ? until dark or after dark since the moon will be almost full that night !) and somewhere else on Sunday.

== Paka-lolo

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