OHE April 4, 1999 (Mariner's Ridge)

Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 19:12:34 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Another pair went to Loppers Heaven

Today I went up Mariners Ridge and traversed in the Ewa direction. That is a favorite Koolau section of mine.

Went without incident, and I went out on a slim leeward side ridge to have lunch. Few feet beyond my lunchspot the ridge drops off presumably very steeply: I can't see it any more :) Had fun and imagined people in Hawaii Kai looking up and getting alarmed about an attempted suicide :)

I also like the pyramid peak near to Mariners, and so reserved that for the return leg. I did that in '84 and '88, and as usual, erosion took its tolls, or maybe my own aging :)

Got up top with no problem, and contemplated the ridge going down.

There is definitely a path, and the ridge does not drop off quite as steeply as the earlier one. Maybe this is even doable!

There is a 5-foot tall rock that I had to climb down on the way back. I thought I might need both hands, and so put the loppers in the loop on my ancient backpack. Then as I climbed down, I jumped the last two feet ....

The rock behind me jolted my loppers, and it flew out of the loop, and fell to my right, all the way down the pyramid, and landed in what looks like a ravine on the leeward side!!

I thought it is retrievable, and so came down and tried to look for the "ravine". Looks are deceiving from the top, and the "ravine" looks more than 60 degrees and steepens as it goes down to maybe 75 ....

I elected to forego my material possessions. Anyone who found a pair of loppers with orange handles on the Koko Head side of the pyramid peak is welcome to claim as her own, or she may return to me, and I shall pay for it :)


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