OHE April 26, 1999 (Nuuanu Trail)

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 18:43:30 -1000
Subject: Nuuanu Pre Hana

One trail I had managed to avoid was the Nuuanu Trail. I'd done the Judd Loop and been to Pauoa Flats, but the connecting Nuuanu trail I never really made a destination (maybe it was the twenty five switchbacks mentioned in Stuart Ball's book). Last Thursday morning I decided to give it a go. I figured even if it was uninteresting it would be a good workout for my dog & me. And all though my van had been broken into at this location I figured it would be safer early in the morning.

After crossing the stream & heading straight up into the Norfolk Pines I soon realized that I had lost the main trail. This has happened to me many times before, I set out on a well known & used trail so I don't bring a map or trail directions, I also probably tend to pay less attention on a "freeway".

I continued up this lesser trail which went steeply up a ridge. I thought to myself "this is probably better than Nuuanu anyway". It was a nice climb with exposed rock, steep drops and views of Nuuanu Valley toward Kailua to the left. One point is a fairly impressive waterfall chute. Soon enought I top out on a hump with a trail going left and right. I figure both go down to the Nuuanu trail and I pick left. Dropping down off the hump I emerge onto the Nuuanu trail contouring around the back of Pauoa Valley. This is a really nice section of trail, wide & carpeted with a manicured looking lawn. Very soon I reach the junction with the Pauoa Flats trail, I tag the metal post and head back. As I pass my hump I see that more people seem to go right at the top since this side trail looks well used. The views into Pauoa Valley and Downtown Honolulu are beautful in the morning light. The switchbacks were not uninteresting as I had imagined. The was a large rock face with dripping water to pass. This trail inspires admiration for trail builders and trail building programs. I don't know why I thought I might be disappointed by this trail. When I think about it, I really have enjoyed every trail I have hiked on Oahu.

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