OHE April 26, 1999 (Pu`u Kaua)

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:49:00 -1000
From: "Beaton, Dick" (dbeaton@aighawaii.com>
Subject: Puu Kaua

Having not done this trail for a couple of years and opting for a dry trail instead of a muddy one, my friend John and I met at the Kunia Golf Course this past Sunday to do this great little hike. After gathering our gear, we crossed the road and headed to the trail head via the pineapple field. In about 35 to 40 minutes we were at the trail head and after drinking some water and discussing the lay of the land, we commenced with the finer part of our trek. Actually there was a nice wind blowing (great day for hiking Kaua), so our jaunt through the pineapple field was not near as bad as it usually is, in fact it was a nice warm up. The trail was in excellent shape and we reached the summit in about 75 minutes. It was a beautiful day and we had gorgeous panoramic views in every direction. We spent a half hour at the summit re-hydrating, snacking and talking story. We had planned to do the loop and not expecting the remainder of the trail to be in as good condition as what we had just experienced, I put on my gaiters and headed toward Palehua along the crest.

After a short while, we came to the spot that marks the descending trail (stacked rocks with a blue ribbon). Prior to descending though, we wondered how much farther we could go or if there was another trail that heads down to the pineapple fields further along the ridge. Does anyone know the answer to these questions? Both of us had plans for the afternoon so we were forced to put off any exploring till another day. We then descended very steeply down this at times very indistinctive trail. In fact, at some point we got off the trail and rather than going back up to see where we went wrong, we decided just to keep descending until we hit the ravine. We hit the ravine and finally picked up orange ribbons that we followed until they eventually led us to where we started up the Puu off the contour trail. We made it backed to the edge of the pineapple field at 12:45 and did not see another soul during the entire hike (glad about that). Now, if we could just get through the pineapple field without incident (which we did), our day hiking Kaua would be perfect.

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