OHE March 26, 1998 (c)

Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 22:29:30 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Access to Keeau

David Katjang kindly provided this write-up on the access to
Keeau ridge in Makaha.  Let's organize an OHE expedition, ....,
[hmmm, I see "fear of the unknown" welling up on two faces]  :)
Date:   Sat, 25 Apr 1998 11:01:14 -1000  
From:   David Katjang   
Subject: Re: Puu Keeau  


The state has access to the dirt road that goes into Makua Keeau and when you turn right into the rec center road you can drive in and park on the left hand side right where the paved road ends. The guard at the rec center is used to seeing hunters all the time because the state provides access to the dirt road, there might even be cars parked there already. During July, August, Sept, and Oct there are guaranteed to be cars parked there as it will be rifle season and it usually gets kinda crowded and could be possibly dangerous to hikers since they aren't required to wear blaze orange. Also some hunters are real sensitive d#$* heads and get angry if some one spooks their prey. The only months the place is closed for hunting is Jan and Nov.

Right now would be a could time to hike it because it's archery season and not too many guys go up there. The only you have to worry about is getting your car locked in the gate, they close the main gate on Farrington Hwy at about 6 or 7 in the afternoon but I think the care taker won't close the gate if there are still cars parked there because one time we got out of there at 8 o'clock at night.

After you park your car all you have to do is walk up the dirt road hop the gate and when you reach the hunter check in box turn right there should be a big cow trail. Head toward the little ridge and hop the fence and proceed up wards at the top should be some cow trails follow them up. You should reach a flat plateau after that. At this juncture it gets a bit difficult because there one easy way up and the rest are difficult.

What we do is if you look to the ridge line that you are headed for there should be two kinda big rock formations on top right below them is a grove of trees right in front of you. You pass through this grove and there is a goat trail right above it. When you hit the goat trail start veering up towards the big triangle peak. You should be able to follow the goat trails easily to the top of the peak. When you reach that it's very easy to follow the ridgeline to Puu Keeau. Half way there is a camp site used by hunters.

After that is castle rock a big rock formation that you go around the back side. The only difficult part after this is right below Puu Keeau because the goats have caused some pretty harsh erosion and the rocks are super loose so it's easy to slip. It's not dangerous or any thing but at the time the view is spectacular. You can follow the ridge line all the way back to the saddle in the rear, I don't know what is after this. Just make sure you bring more water than you think you'll ever use because it gets super hot and almost the whole trail up is in direct sun light with very few parts of the trail in the shade. If you do go up e-mail me on how your trip went.


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