OHE March 20, 1998

Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 11:18:45 -1000
From: Dave Webb (dwebb@hekili.k12.hi.us>
Subject: Well, well, well....

Well, well, well, didn't I just stir up quite a little controversy last week. I suppose it's good on one hand since I gave so many individuals so much to talk about! Let me see how much trouble I can get into with this posting!

Saturday afternoon I decided to do the Puu Piei hike from the hikers bible. Everyone reading this please take note that I didn't need to trespass or cut through any fences or assault anyone in order to do the hike. Just thought I would mention that based on last week's events.

The afternoon shaped up nicely as far as the weather was concerned and I reached the Kahana Valley pkg lot at 3:30pm. Following the instructions in the H.B. I turned left off of the highway and found the trail. If you do this hike, make sure that you follow the directions carefully. The hike doesn't get done often, and the trail is hard to follow. Make sure that you keep contouring along the side of the hill until you reach the rock gulley. Cross the gulley and then turn right up the next ridge. Follow the ridge all the way to the top and then turn left a short distance to the top. The ridge up to the right before you reach the gulley leads up to Puu Kilo, and there are some trail markers along the way (confusing). This was a good hike and I had some really nice views of Kahana Valley and Bay. The whole hike took maybe 2 hours total. Ran into some more of the wonderful stainless steel cables near the top of the ridge. Those things are terrible!! I was worried that I might trip coming down and accidentally decapitate myself on one of them!

By the way, no people, plants, or animals were harmed in the making of this hike. Hopefully this hike was quite politically correct and no individuals/groups were offended in any way.


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