OHE March 18, 1998 (b)

Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 18:17:00 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Monkey business

Did another double-header today.

Joined Gary and Nathan up a side ridge of Koko Crater to view the "Monkey Mountain".

Went along a Ditch, and then climbed up at the bottom of a ridge. Very soon, we hiked up and through a banyan tree. Later, the ridge steepens, and we sometimes go left and/or right for a better line. About 2/3 of the way up, a view of the monkey face shows up on the left. Patrick could have climbed into the caves that are the eyes of the monkey. I am certain though that there are skeletons there, of intrepid hikers who managed to climb in but were trapped there and starved .... :)

After that there is a very steep section. Actually it would have been easier to take the route on the right, but the two egged me on, saying it's "purely psychological". I did make it without any injury. After that, it took only a few minutes to get to the rim, and few more minutes to get to the top of the Crater along the rim.

We decided to go down on the east, easier side, into the Stable. The rest of the walk was uneventful.

There is a route that I have not done for 16 years, and that is the jeep road along the side of the Mauna o Ahi ridge, which is Kuliouou East. At the end of Maunalua Ave., there is a gap that enables me to skirt the side of the condo, and gain that jeep road. One man inside one of the units yelled "what are you doing up there?" Well, I am clearly outside his property line, and it's none of his business, and so I ignored him and walked up fast. No way he can catch me, even though I am no speed demon, I am sure I can outhike a nonhiker :) Happened to me one time before, when I explored the trail to the right of the Omega Station, and then skirted by a guy's house. He yelled, and I said "I am outside your property line", and he says "we own the entire mountain you are walking on!!!" as if his name is "Bishop". Well, of course it is unnerving to see someone roaming beyond the "undefended" border of your property, someone can sneak into the house at night ....

I figured that I'd not return the same way, for he might have notified security. I kept climbing up until the jeep road meets the top of the ridgeline. Many years ago HTMC used to hike up Kuliouou middle, cross over to Kuliouou East, hike down the entire length, and then exit to the west down a little gully. So I decided to find this old route.

I guess I forgot the exact route. But it was the very last gully, who exit points to a stream that one can cross and come out at the end of a street without any "T". I decided to go "cross country" into the gully. The vegetation is not thick, and I managed OK. Then I come to a line of 20 foot high cliffs, which I don't remember how we used to negotiate. But it was easy enough to find a weak point and sit my way down.

Then I must be in the same old gully, and it is amazing that there is no trace of a trail. Last time we did it was 1988, and it seems no one else does it. The vegetation is mostly haole koa and is not too thick, and I can see I am going the right way, and so I was not worried. After maybe an hour down the gully I eventually emerged at the stream, which I crossed, and reached civilization. Took another 20 minutes walking on the road back to my car.


Reply from: Nathan Yuen (nyuen@lava.net>

If you wanna see the two monkey head formations reported to exist on Koko Crater overlooking Hawaii Kai, point your web browser to:


You be the judge.

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