OHE March 11, 1998

Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 19:34:32 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Makapuu/Kuliouou

Did a double-header today Saturday.

Went to Makapuu to climb over to the lighthouse. On the way on Lunalilo Home Road, tried to find the "Monkey Head" feature on Koko Crater west side, but couldn't. Did find the "ditch". Noticed at least 12 doable ridges (according to Patrick), and maybe 3-4 according to other people. Better wait for Gary the Guide.

Lots of hikers at Lighthouse. There are at least 10 cars parked at the private road branch-off. I went up along the sea-cliff and then came back along the private road. But at the U-turn, I took the ridge straight down to the Chair Rock at sea level. It's very short, maybe 5 minutes. Haven't been to the Chair Rock for 10 years.

Left Chair Rock and wandered in that flat area a little. I used to come here a lot with my dirt motorcycle (stolen on Poamoho 1986). Then crossed highway and attempted to go up the ridge to ascend to the top and come down to Makapuu Lookout. It's slightly confusing and overgrown up there, and so abandoned the attempt.

It's still early, and so on the way back decided to check out the Kuliouou Far West ridge that came down from the Kuliouou summit, branches west, and comes down to a watertank.

The watertank is stoutly defended, ahem, but since I am a Ohulehule veteran, the defense could not stop me. Went up maybe 45 minutes, marking extravagantly (using the new cheap ribbons I bought at Eagles). There is a Hawaiian-style lava-rock-wall all along the top of the ridge (looks like it extends a mile or so), that I don't remember at all from the trek of 3-20-1983 with John Hall & co. Would think that I would remember such a prominent feature, and I don't think it was built after that date.

Turned around and came out undetected and unmolested at 6 p.m.


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