Waikane Trail to Schofield Trail (1997)

Waikane Trail to Schofield Trail (1997)

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On April 5, 1997, our resident psycho, Patrick Rorie, accompanied by a hiking buddy, tackled the ridge at the back of Waikane Valley, climbed to the Koolau Summit, and descended via the Schofield-Waikane Trail! Here's Patrick:
Howzit Dayle and other hiker maniacs ?!

A friend and I had a wonderful time on saturday, April 5. This is how it went...

We parked just outside the entrance to Waikane Valley Road. He removed his dirt bike from the bed of his truck and off we went. The time was 10:45 a.m. After traveling a short distance up Waikane Valley Road we turned RIGHT down a road with a gate. The gate has a sign which says "No motorcylces No hiking No...". We went down the road for 2 or 3 miles until we got to a junction. At the junction we went LEFT until we got to a ditch with water flowing thru it. After hiding the bike we walked back down the road a short distance and headed up a contour trail.

The trail goes up and back toward the ditch which is down below. After carefully crossing a pile of large trees we continued up the trail. After about 40 minutes (probably longer for you slow pokes ! Nah just kidding !) we reached a saddle which has excellent views of Waikane valley to the right, Ohulehule dead ahead and other undeveloped valleys to the left. After a brief rest we headed up the Waikane trail at 12:10. The trail was narrow but passable because I had done some trail maintenance to it on Feb. 17. After making decent progress we came across our first obstacle - a major landslide. At first we tried to climb above it but then we used our heads and tried to figure out where the trail should be beyond the slide. This logic worked and we were able to continue our adventure. We encountered atleast 5 more landslides, lots of ginger which is easy to cut and of course the dreaded clidemia.

As we neared the top of the trail it was clear and the views incredible! We could see the fabled Koolau summit trail cut into the side of the mountain across from where we were which encouraged us to keep going. It was at about this time when I lost my concentration, slipped and cut the hell out of one of my fingers. The bolo went right thru my glove ! I didn't panic because I was able to stop the bleeding farely quickly. We continued on stopping briefly to take in the awesome view (one of the best on the island !). As we approached Schofield- Waikane summit we looked back at where we had hiked and noticed the Koolau summit trail junction which leads to Kipapa. "Next time" we told our- selves.

The time was 3:15 as we headed down Schofield-Waikane and a passing shower drenched us. The Schofield-Waikane trail was a welcome sight because it is in much better shape than Waikane. I could actually put my bolo knife away. After several more passing showers, a long contour section and a total of 6 miles we passed the trail head and walked down a wide stone road. Some army dudes in a humby passed us but didn't offer any harassment. After another mile we reached civilization (Calif. ave. in Wahiawa).

Laredo, the friend who had accompanied me on this trek, had some money so we caught a bus to Wahiawa town Jack In The Box. I then called another friend who had done Olomana earlier in the day and saw a woman fall off the third peak. David arrived about 30 minutes after I hung up and the three of us took off for Kaneohe !

Take up the challenge ! Do the old Waikane trail before it disappears again ! E-mail me if you want a guide. Perhaps we can start earlier and go down Kipapa !

"Psycho" Pat Rorie

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