Kawailoa trail (1997)

Kawailoa trail (1997)

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Our own version of the Eveready rabbit, Patrick Rorie, describes his jaunts in the hills this past weekend.

Here's Patrick:

Howzit Dayle ?!

On Friday I drove down to Temple Valley shopping center looking for ma'eli eli. I even called Mable for directions but because I stayed up too late the night before and cloudy conditions I abandonded the effort.

On Saturday after taking care of morning commitment I headed toward Waiawa correctional facility to link up with some of the trail clearing gang. They were working on Manana Ditch. I found their cars parked on the side of the road and went down a dirt bike trail. At a key junction I went straight instead of right like they did. Needless to say I didn't find them meandering about for almost 2 hours in the hot sun. To my credit I saw red ribbons periodically but they never lead me to the right trail. The time was about 11:50 as I got back to my car. I wanted to leave a note on Mable's isuzu but could not find a pen in my car.

In an attempt to salvage the day I headed to Kawailoa refuse area. After passing the dump I went right past a broken gate. After another 5 miles I reached the military road and turned right on to it. After going down a short distance I parked my car and walked for 42 minutes to the Kawainui trail head. There were two four wheel drive vehicles there and I assumed that they were pig hunters but found out later that they were locals camping out near the large pool in the back. It took me 1 hour to get to the large pool from the trail head stopping periodically to take in some of the sights. At 3:45 I started back for my car. 55 minutes to the trail head, 5 minute rest before heading up hill and 45 minutes along the army road put me back at my car at approx. 5:30. I saw a memorial along the army road to a private who was fatally wounded at age 22 back in 1938 while constructing the thoroughfare.

After briefly resting inside my car I headed to the Kawailoa trail head. I drove as far as the road would allow and then set out on foot. I got to the forest boundary at approx. 5:50. As I worked my way thru a long series of ups and downs I had to stop and turnaround because it was getting late (6:20 at this point). The ups and downs continued but I did not want to drive on the road in the dark ! The views were nice however. I could see the Waianae range to the right as you face the Koolaus, Mokuleia coastline directly behind, Pupukea area to the left and the back of the Koolau mountain range straight ahead. I want to finish Kawailoa one of these days. I got a taste of it and liked what I saw. After doing Waikane and the section between Moanalua saddle and Halawa ridge summit nothing could be too overgrown.

On Sunday we met at the Schofield ranger training area. After a bumpy ride up the road we got out at the trail head and started down the trail. We performed the normal maintenance on our way down to the Kaukonahua stream and found a cave on the way. Ralph and I went all the way thru it ! Lots of swimming areas along the stream. After the lunch break Ralph, Kenji and I went further down the stream to explore. Although the trail came to an end we kept going and found a huge opening in the dirt wall bordering the stream leading to a cave. Upon returning to the army barracks we enjoyed Mable's goodies. It was only 2:30 as we said "Goodbye" to each other.

I drove to Foote gate which was unmanned but gray clouds above Kalena and plans to watch the near full moon that night caused me not to do Kalena but I thought about it ! At 6:05 I left for Lanikai and Kaiwa ridge to enjoy the pleasant near full moon evening. Other than the mosquitos it was very enjoyable. I could see Ohulehule in the distance before it got dark and hale-bopp later that night.

"Psycho" Pat

Hike safe, gang.


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