OHE April 21, 1997

Kuliouou and Kalena (1997)

Kuliouou and Kalena (1997)

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Received this hiking report from Art Neilson. Mahalo to him. Future hike reports are welcome from everyone on the list. Send 'em in. No shame, gang. :-)

Did Haleakala on Friday and Saturday. If you want to read the writeup, (sorry no pics) you can check it out at this URL:


Here's Art:
Last Saturday (4/12) I went hiking with my girlfriend up Kuliouou 2, plan was to come down Kuliouou 1. We got up to the ropes in about 2hrs, she took one look at those ropes and choked. Wouldn't go. So we turned around and went back down, the hike was a bust. bummers.

Sunday I went with my friends Mike and Jim to Kolekole pass via Schofield. Evidently Schofield is an open base now, anyone can drive on. We parked just before the guard station at the pass which lets you into Lualualei. There's a dirt lot across from the big white cross. Went right up the ridge on the cross side of the pass, we were going to do Kalena! The skies looked pretty ominous but Mike wanted to go on. As soon as we gained the ridgeline on the top of the initial climb it began to pour down on us. I aborted the mission as Kalena is reputed to be very narrow and rocky, I didn't want to become a hiking casualty.

Anyway, both hikes last weekend were incomplete. Oh well. I've done the Kuliouou bowl before (up left ridge, summit trail over to and across Pu'u O'Kona and down the right ridge) and expect to complete Kalena this Sunday.

Happy Trails!!

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