Waipio Peninsula hiking (1997)

Waipio Peninsula hiking (1997)

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Today, I received an interesting email from John Antilety, a sailor at Pearl Harbor who shared some info about Waipio Peninsula, a part of Oahu I (and probably many other folks) have never been to.

Will probably check this place out soon and report back about what I find there.

John's message follows.


My name is John Antilety, and I am with the US NAVY, here at Pearl Harbor. I just happened upon your webpage while checking the bookmarks on the library computer. Very nice site.

Anyway, I thought that you would like to know about an area that is gradually being opened up to the public on a limited basis: The Wapio Peninsula. The Wapio Peninsula was used, as I'm sure you know, as a sugar plantation until recently. The area is now entirely overgrown and teeming with wildlife and peaceful solitude. Only the roads and a few paths remain to provide access.

The property is under the control of the US NAVY and the Lualualei Naval Magazine, and as such access is highly restricted and enforced. If you wish to enter the area, you must call 471-5141 and ask for the Watch Commander. Ask if it will be alright to enter the area on the dates for your visit, as they may be loading ammunition on a warship at the Magazine. Photography is permitted, provided you ASK the Watch Commander and state SPECIFICALLY what your photographic targets will be. If they say yes, then just tell them your name, what you are wearing and when you will be leaving. They close the area and chase everyone out just prior to dusk anyway. Fishing is allowed as well, but only by permit. The permit must be obtained at the desk of the Watch Commander on the day of your excursion, and returned that same day or you will lose your priviledges.

By the way, be very careful. There are a LOT of hidden ditches, holes and pits all over the overgrown areas. Do NOT go near or on the water control towers, as they are very deep and the surface grids are rotten. I've been through the area a bit, and I've decided to keep my solo excursions to the paths and roads. Watch out for wild pigs and dogs, as I've seen their spoor and droppings, and there is a lot of pilau thorn bushes and weeds, so wear long pants and sleeves. When I'm doing photography, I wear coveralls and gloves, so I can crawl through the weeds with some impunity.

The central area of the peninsula is very quiet and peaceful, with only a few cars passing by to the fishing spots. Lots of birds, mongoose and other flora/fauna. The southern tip is very relaxing, just right for fishing. The northwest corner is not nice at all. Something is "wrong" there, and I did not feel comfortable at all. It almost felt hostile. There are a lot of sewer outlets there, and I also found an area where old transformers had been stored and dismanteled. The ground was soaked in oil, undoubtedly loaded with PCB's. Bring your Ti leaves. The east side, both the north and south seem to have a lot of energy, but it seems undefined somehow. Might be good fishing there.

Thought you might like to know about this little spot. Share with whomever you wish. Maybe sometime we can talk story for a bit.


John A Antilety

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