Haiku Valley (1997)

Haiku Valley (1997)

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Pat Rorie sent me the following, with his thoughts about Haiku Valley hikes after the Coast Guard bags out of there.

Pat opines:

If the feds, city and state drop the ball and the stairs are removed we can construct a new trail - the Haiku Ridge trail (a series of cables starting from just below the remains of the building which had the microwave dish on it). It is recommended that one only go down (repel?) this new trail similar to the recommendation that one only go up Piliwale Ridge trail.

Other trails in the valley include the water tank trail used by the kids in the area to make it part way up the ridge paralleling the Haiku Stairs. It has nice views at the summit with blankets and sleeping bags if you decide to stay over night. Also, a flag marks the summit. Loose rock and a major vertical section block further progress.

Then theres the Omega Station Trail (also called The Haiku Staircase access trail) but affectionately known as "DT's Trail". DKT busted his ass to make this gem available. Still needs to be extended to the hole in the fence directly across from the start of the Haiku Stairs and a new trail head would be nice. Another trail starts to the right of the Omega Station main gate as you face the gate and it takes you to a stream. Further exploration needs to be done to determine if this trail can be extended to the ridge which separates Haiku Plantation and Haiku Valley.

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