Waipahu Rec Center

by Christy Coloma

Waipahu is a city in the Leeward area of Oahu. There are many exciting places to see in this city. Waipahu has many shopping centers and public parks; hower, there is one particular park in this area my friends and I hangout when we want to relax and do outdoor activities. This particular park is known as Waipahu Recreation Center which is a public park available to the public.

If one is interested in visiting this particular park, from the airport, take the freeway and travel on heading west. Continue on the freeway until one approaches the Waipahu exit. When you approach the Waipahu exit, continue on Farrington Highway until you reach Pai Street. From Pai Street, take a right turn and take the third right turn. This is now the parking area Waipahu Recreation Center.

Upon entering, notice the many facilities available for the publics use. They have a tennis court, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, a swimming pool, and a large field to play either football, baseball, or have picnics with family and friends. There are also indoor activities, such as craft lessons, quilting lessons, and also bingo for any senior citizens interested ed in playing. Every Tuesdays from 8:00 a.. to 10:00 a.m., there is an open market open to the public. They offer a variety of vegetables which are cheaper than the ones sold at supermarkets. In addition, as one walks through the fields of Waipahu Recreation Center, notice the many trees and feel the fresh breeze of Hawaii. Toward the end of the field, one will encounter a small pond of tiny fishes. Sometimes, people come here to do some fishing. This pond is beautiful to see. This is also a great area to take photographs for your remembrance of is place. There is nice background of the pond and there is also a bridge to walk over theÓ pond with the background of Waipahu Recreation Center.

If one is interested in watching sports, Waipahu Recreation Center holds many football, baseball, and basketball games. The entire center is lighted during the evenings, so there shouldn't be a problem if the games are held during the evening. Many times, when a certain game will take place, there will be a banner advertising the type of game, the teams, and time that game will occur. It is usually posted outside of the center or in many of the shopping centers in Waipah There is no fee to watch these games; hover, parking may be a problem.

There are limited amounts of parking available, so if people arrives there late, they will have to park along the street Anyone interested in craft or quilting might want to consider attending one of their many classes available to the public. They are held both day and during the evenings. These classes are very popular, so anyone interested might want to call the management office to reserve a space and time to attend these classes.

If one is in the Leeward area or is interested in visiting this recreation center, bring along basketball, baseball and bat, and a football, if one wants to play any of these sports. Interested in swimming? Bring along a towel and a swim suit. There are tennis courts available, so bring along a tennis ball and tennis racket if one is interested in playing tennis.

In conclusion, I feel Waipahu Recreation Center is a fun place because they offer many facilities available to the public. There is no fee for anyone interested in using their courts. People who are interested in sports and crafts might want to consider going there. Visit the Leeward area of Oahu and take advantage of what Waipahu has to offer.

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