Waimea Bay

By Reno David and Josephine Blair

Do you feel like swimming, snorkeling or perhaps just sunbathing on the warm sand? If so, pack a lunch, swim suit, towels and some sun tan lotion. Jump in your fun mobile (DonŐt forget to buckle up), turn on the radio and head towards the North Shore. Whether you want to surf, swim or just relax on the beach, Waimea Bay is the right place to be on a hot and humid day.

If you live in Mililani get on the H-2 take the Wahiawa exit and drive through the semi-congested city of Wahiawa and youŐre on your way to the North Shore.

Waimea Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches located on the island of Oahu. Waimea is also known all over the world for itŐs gigantic winter waves. The bay is like a lake during the summer months, however, in the winter months Waimea Bay can be very dangerous with waves sometimes reaching thirty feet high. The shore break and backwash are some things that experienced swimmers and surfers are always on the lookout for at Waimea. On the southeast side of the bay an added attraction, is a large rock where thrill-seekers and so-called idiots alike can frequently be seen plunging, sometimes head first, into the ocean.

Summer is the time to swim and snorkel in the calm aquamarine waters of Waimea. Waimea is known to be one of the most popular beaches that ever exsisted on the North Shore, whose gigantic waves have broken their own records in the Guiness Book of World Records. Also, Waimea Bay is most frequent site of several surf contests each year, including the prestigious Quicksilver/Eddie Aikau Memorial Big Wave Classic which is held only under certain rare conditions, when the waves crest at over twenty feet.

The bay is a cresent of soft sand, backed by a shady area that picnic tables, changing areas are located in what is called the "comfort station." However, there are no doors so you don't get much privacy. The showers are located on the outside of the facility. The Lifeguards are on shift at Waimea Bay from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., 365 days a year. There are approximately 44 parking stalls at Waimea Bay and it's free to all of the park users. A small part of the movie "Ride the Wild Surf," was filmed at Waimea Bay, along with the infamous movie, "North Shore."

There is a famous story that says, after Captain Cook was killed at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, on February 4, 1779, his two ships, the Discovery and the Resolution, ventured to Waimea, Oahu, seeking water on their way to Kauai. Years later, in 1793, Captain Vancouver's supply ship, the Daedalus, also visited Waimea Bay.

You can visit Waimea Bay even if you aren't interested in swimming or surfing. Often times there aren't any record-breaking waves to be surfed anyway. Among the other things that you can particpate in is Tossing the football around or rock climbing, if you fall while rock climbing there's no need to worry because the warm sand will provide a cushion for your delicate bottom. When you are finished engaging in recreational activities you can just sit back and enjoy the gorgeous sunset. Many people like to end their memorable trip to Waimea with a moonlit dinner under the stars and on the sands of Waimea Bay.

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