Ko Olina

by Aine Fujikawa

Ko Olina was dedicated to the memory of Mr. Jinichi Makita. His vision brought credibility to the development of the west side beaches, and he also brought reality to this fulfillment of joy, the place called Ko Olina. There are many activities and adventures to conquer at Ko Olina which I will explain later in this essay. For myself, Iíve experienced several activities while visiting Ko Olina. When one enters this beautiful place on the west side, there's a refreshing waterfall on the right and left side of the security gate. There's also a visitors center that has a slide show and many different types of posters with information about the entire beach park.

Ko Olina is approximately 15 to 20 minutes away from the Honolulu International aiport connected by the H-1 interstate freeway. Take H-I west towards Waianae; then three miles past the Campbell Industrial Park exit, take the Ko Olina exit into Paradise Cove. There are several things that may help one's trip to Ko Olina more adventurious so don't forget to bring a swim suit, suntan lotion, towel, a mat to lie on, pack a lunch, and be prepared to have a wonderful experience.

The name Ko Olina was selected by Reverend Abraham K. Akaka. The word Ko means to fulfill and Olina means joy. When Reverand Akaka joined these two words together, he had the meaning of Ko Olina as the fulfillment of joy. Ko Olina was discovered as a fishing camp by the native Hawaiian aristocracy, the ali'i. It became a retreat for Oahu's highest chief, a man by the name of Kakuhihewa. Ko Olina is said to have been a place of renewal for Kamehameha the Great and his Favorite wife Kaahumanu (Vierra).

Pele, goddess of fire pit, came for respite from her travels. Inevitably her sisters, Hi'iaka and Kapo, followed. Today archaeological records verify this ancient settlement to be continued as the practice of hula and this also was a place of the goddess Pele. No one knows when Ko Olina changed from a seasonal fishing camp to a permanent year aroung settlement. The sea itself was the starting poing, but the presence of fresh water seeping up from the earth provided a base for near shore gardening (Vierra).

Ko Olina was built by many talented people. For example, one is Herbert K. Horita, the largest homebuilder and realtor who created this beautiful beach and resort. John Chapman was another talented individual to contribute to building Ko Olina. He's received a Gold Nugget Grand Award from the Pacific Coast Builders Conference for his plan of Ko Olina. He graduated from University of South California School of Architecture. The other people that we should give credit to would be the contractors, architects, engineers, and planners for their hard work and talent to make Ko Olina so special.

The various types of activities that one can experience are the marina, sea walk, lagoons, luau, golf courses, and tennis. The marina is the only one on the island of Oahu that visitors can come to see. The sea walk is a mile and a half 12 foot wide walkway. One can take a pleasant stroll, run, or adventure to learn about Ko Olina's relationship to the surrounding sea. There are four large lagoons that were man made and it is connected to the open sea, for the safety of the visitors Ko Olina has put a divided net between the lagoon and open ocean. The luauís at Paradise Cove usually attract more than a quarter of a million visitors each year. Paradise Cove is a 12 acre ocean front site of green lawns and coconut groves with fish filled waters. The sunrise and sunsets are beautiful also. Native hawaiian arts and crafts, games, and entertainment are supplied for the visitors to enjoy. There are several shows that are performed for the visitors. For example, Polynesian entertainment, Hawaiian melodies, and Tahitian dancing to the beating of the wild drums. Lastly, The championship golf course is uniquely accented with water hazards, water ways, and waterfalls. This was designed by Ted Robinson renowed for creating challenging and entertaining water features. The course measures 6,997 yards with creative split level greens and pot bunkers.

I think that Ko Olina would appeal to any visitor's four senses. The first sense of sight would be the most important. At Ko Olina there are many things to see, like the beautiful lagoons, the golf courses, and the extraordinary sunrise and sunset. The next would be the sense of touch. One can touch the sparkling sand and the luxious green grass. Smell is another sense that one can experience. No other place is as clean and safe as Ko Olina. The smell of fresh air and ocean spray would make anyone fall in love with this place. Lastly, the taste of the place makes anyone want to come back to visit. The luau and the fine dining restuarants leave long lasting impressions on the customers so they can share their wonderful experience with their friends.

My opinion is that Ko Olina is just fabulous. I would share what I saw and what I was able to do with all of my friends, so they can have as much fun as I did. I feel that there is on other place that I would want to go to plan a get away vacation trip with my boyfriend. This place makes me feel safe and keeps me always wanting to come back. I hope that anyone visiting from the outter states are able to experience this beautiful place on the west side because there are many activities to enjoy.

In conclusion, researching this place known as the fulfillment of joy lives up to its names.

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