Seven Sacred Pools

Seven Sacred Pools

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The Seven Sacred Pools, also known as Oheo Gulch, is a string of pools and waterfalls, starting many miles mauka (inland). The pools lead one to another, spilling over majestic waterfalls, to the Kipahulu coastline.

To To get there, take state highway 360 (Hana Highway). Starting from the Kahului Airport, the drive is 65 miles, many of which are along the narrow and windy Hana Highway which cannot be traversed at top highway speeds, so plan on a long but worthwhile drive.

The easiest-to-access pools are also the best for swimming, rock-jumping or for some, bridge jumping. These pools are located nearest to the ocean. For the less daring, several less perilous places to jump from exist. Suggested is to survey the landing area yourself. How risky is it to jump? A bulletin-board by the ranger station is peppered with newspaper articles describing accidents at the pools. Do note that if you do decide to jump, take off any jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, and braclets. If you need to ask why, just ask one of the local guys with snorkel gear scouring below the jump spots, how much force an unplanned landing can exert on your new engagement ring!)

Oheo is Part of the Haleakala National Park, so the $10 fee you pay here will also provide entrance into the Haleakala National Park (so make sure to save your receipt!) Admission is for a three-day pass or $25 bucks gets you an annual pass to Haleakala, Volcanoes (Big Island) and PuÕuhonua O Honaunau (Big Island) National Parks.

Do note that the pools are very popular, so the place can become crowded as the day progresses. To avoid the crowds at Oheo, get there before noon. Staying somewhere along the Road to Hana, such as the Hotel Hana Maui or even in the campgrounds at the park can get you there well before the afternoon rush. Another option is to get started very, very early (isnÕt this your vacation?!?) and go through the back side of Haleakala. This will put you one step ahead of the critical mass of visitors all day. The one thing you definitely donÕt want to do is to rush the adventure on the way (aka The Road to Hana.)

There are full National Park facilities at Oheo, including a Ranger Station (with displays and great information), well-maintained bathrooms, expanded camping facilities and large parking lots.

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