Iao Needle

Iao Needle

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The Iao Needle is a natural rock formation covered by gorgeous greenery in the Iao Valley State Park, located in western Maui. The Needle is a very popular tourist attraction. It is 1,200 feet high, rising from the bottom of the valley that surrounds it. The West Maui Mountains, a dormant volcano, encompass the area. Visitors to the park can walk through the serene valley, hike the footpaths, or ascend to an overlook to see the magnificent view. Because the rainfall is plentiful, there are clean, clear ponds to wade in and enjoy and is a wonderful way to cool off after the heat of the day.

The Needle is a historic site, for in 1790 a battle took place which made a mark in Hawaiian history. At Iao, King Kamehameha I defeated the Maui army in a pivotal battle in his quest to unite the islands under one rule, a feat that had never been accomplished prior. During past battles, the Iao Needle was an ideal spot to observe enemy movement. The monument, which was known as Kuka`emoku in Hawaiian, was supposed to have been used as an religious altar generations ago. There is a stone honoring the God of the ocean, Kanaloa, located upon the top of the needle.

Quite often, this valley and the view are shrouded by clouds, so if you want a great view of this amazing sight, it is suggested that you visit it early in the day. The Iao Needle is sure to make anyone’s vacation to Hawaii complete. .

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