Accessing Your UHUNIX Account

What follows are directions for accessing your UHUNIX account (or any other internet account, for that matter) from a Macintosh Computer in the LRC, CAI Lab, and LA 102 at Leeward Community College.

1) Find and double-click on the icon for the program NCSA TELNET. You can find this in a folder titled "Internet" or "Internet Tools."

2) After a few seconds, the program will be activated although nothing may appear to have happened. Don't fret. It's working.

3) Near the top left corner, choose the "FILE" menu item, followed by the "OPEN SPECIAL" item, then either "UHUNIX" or "UHUNIX2" or "UHUNIX3" or "UHUNIX4." If you're attempting this between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on a weekday, UHUNIX3 or UHUNIX4 may be the best choices, for the others are heavily used and difficult to login to.

4) After that you will see a "login" prompt. At that point you can input your UHUNIX user name followed by [return] and then your UHUNIX password [return].

You can try to login to UHUNIX from here.
5) It is possible that after choosing one of the UHUNIX menu items that a screen will quickly flash on and then off. If that occurs, it means that the particular UHUNIX host you attempted to connect to had no open lines. Keep trying the FILE/OPEN SPECIAL/UHUNIX combination until the "login" prompt appears.

6) To read and send internet email, I'd recommend using the Pine mail reader. Simply type "pine" (all lowercase) and press [return] to activate the program. Keep in mind that your mouse becomes virtually useless while using NCSA Telnet. Most of the tasks you will do will require use of the keyboard.

7) Send me email ( if you successfully log in. I look forward to hearing from you.

8) There are many things you can do with your UHUNIX account in addition to email. You can read and post messages to Newsgroups, you can create a homepage like the one you access for my class, you can participate in real-time chat sessions with people around the globe and much more. I'd suggest getting a book that focuses on Internet Basics or searching the World Wide Web using netscape to find information about the amazing world of the Internet.

9) By the way, if you have a computer with a modem at home, or access to such a set-up somewhere off campus, you can dial in directly to UHUNIX. The number to call is 956-5080. Be prepared for busy signals or multiple dial-in attempts, particularly during evening hours.

Aloha, good luck, and enjoy,